Someone else (a phishing site?) is using my expired domain, can I recover this?

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    my old domain “” expired last September and I’d like to renew and reclaim this. Can I do this?

    fyi, seems like a phishing site is using my old domain.

    The blog I need help with is



    If someone else bought it, there’s nothing you can do but hope to grab it when/if they let it expire.



    thanks rain, someone told me it’s very likely that a phishing site somehow managed to use my domain name illegally… though I’m not sure how they did it. The new posts on my old domain ( sound like phishing scams, is there a way to know if they have valid claims against it? and if I can still recover it?



    It looks legit to me as it was registered through godaddy/domains by proxy and doesn’t expire until September of 2010.



    ouch :( that hurts…

    Just when I am ready to write again… thanks sacred!



    As much as we’d like to help, there’s nothing anyone can do. Once a domain expires it’s in the hands of the registrar and will be sold to someone else.

    If you see something clearly illegal or fraudulent there you might try warning their server host and/or advertisers. They might choose to shut it down (or not). That won’t get your domain back but it might get you a little satisfaction.

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