someone else's Flickr photos on my inactive blog

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    I accessed my inactive blog via the dashboard. I Noticed a section that was Flickr Photos. Instead of finding my Flickr photos, someone else’s photos are on my home page.

    Can people post their Flickr photos to share them on someone else’s blog or website?? How did they get there and how do I delete them?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the URL starting with http:// of this blog please?
    Are you referring to the Flickr widget?



    Hi. It’s actually the blog listed above. Long story short, it has been inactive and marked private. btw: I cannot log into it directly, but thru ‘Manage My Blogs.’

    Your question prompted me to check out the widgets, and I did have the Flickr widget. (I didn’t know the photos were in view with this widget-thought it was only a link)…..But still no idea whose pictures it was linked to!

    I simply deleted the widget and photos.

    You are always very helpful.

    Thank you.

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