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Someone else's notifications were attached to my account

  1. When I checked my notifications this evening, I was really surprised to see that they were for a different site (Attractitude). I took a screenshot of these misdirected notifications, and uploaded it to my media library. It can be viewed

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I seem to have pasted in the wrong URL for my screenshot. It's the displayed text, not the link that was placed in the above post.

  3. Hi, there, trekohio. This shouldn't happen!

    A couple questions, please:

    • Was this something that only happened once -- or more?
    • It looks like you're using Firefox on Fedora -- which version of each are you using?

    We'll look into it right away. Thanks much for the report.

  4. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I mistakenly responded to my email notification instead of repsonding back here at this forum.

    I am using Firefox 12.0 and Fedora 16. The incident in which I received other people's notifications only happened that once. However prior to the incident the way that my notifications were altered. I used to see the number of new notifications in a circle. But the display that I had unviewed notifications changed to a red square with a white star. To this day I continue to be notified by a star appearing instead of the number of new notificaitons. I thought that was odd because from a user's perspective it is definitely better to see the number of notifications.

  5. Thanks for the reply!

    I applied some fixes that prevent what was probably causing the issue you saw. It shouldn't pop up again as such, but please let us know if it does.

    Regarding the new icons in the toolbar versus the older numbers, this is part of an evolution of the notifications system. The icons represent the type of most recent unseen notification. Please see this post for more information:


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