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    There have been several threads on the forums recently about the rather vague notifications that we started getting this year when a new follower signs up by email. The message used to give the follower’s email address and a best guess at their location (“we think they are from [town, country]”) but now just tells us that “someone” has started following.

    I received one such email today – but when I checked my blog the last follower signed up 3 weeks ago. Without any more ID information, it’s impossible to know if this is just a very delayed notification from Word Press or if the new follower has not yet been listed or what is going on…

    Anyone else having these issues, or can shed any light?

    The blog I need help with is landscapelover.wordpress.com.



    There is no such information provided when the blogger has chosen to pay for private domain registration. http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/private-domain-registrations/


    Timethief – thanks for the quick response. I am sure you’re right that people with private domain registrations have their email addresses hidden. But it is odd that of my 37 followers (OK, I know that’s not many, but they are all precious to me!), the notifications for the 34 who signed up in December 2011 or earlier ALL included their email addresses, while the three who signed up this year are all just “someone.”

    But my real query here was the seeming lack of correlation between someone becoming a follower and WP sending me notification. It feels completely random to get a vague email telling me someone has “just” started following my blog three weeks after anyone has signed up.



    I believe this is a privacy issue and I don’t understand why there was a delay in receiving the notifications. If you wish to contact Staff about it you can http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/
    Note: When we create a support ticket by contacting Staff it’s important to understand they have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once of the same issue the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.


    Timethief, thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think I’ll trouble staff with this – they probably have rather more pressing things to look at. Perhaps I’ll just keep an eye on it….



    Okay and best wishes to you for happy blogging.

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