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Someone is using my blog title as their own!

  1. thanks TT, i always thought it was a male for some reason :)

  2. Harry, WHY should I put up a picture? What does it matter? I reject the proposition that females are obligated to provide proof of gender.

  3. Actually I thought you were one of the Salish bird-gods. Do they have a gender?

  4. I don't think the icon is a bird. It's a moon.

  5. Which is where the "confusion" arises. I am, in fact, a god.

  6. habituatedbuddhist

    Hmmm...., now that I see it as an eye (sorry, didn't really think about it before) I both love it, and feel a bit creepy... like your posts are staring at me!

  7. They are. They saw you do that...that THING. They're totally telling your mom.

    (It's a Haida eagle moon, which is also an eye; based on art from Roy Henry Vickers)

  8. @raincoaster, if you are in fact a god then you should know i did not mean that you or other people should feel that , ( your quote ( females are obligated to provide proof of gender. ) )

    This topic is hostile enough without the heavy hand of a god coming down from high upon me. :)

  9. Well at least I posted something that stirred up some feelings! Thanks for your comments everyone, especially Mikey regarding international copyright and for clarifying naming issues.

  10. @tltcl, you can say that again ( no don't bother )

  11. Reading over this thread again this morning I'm sipping my tea and LOL :D. Don't get me wrong though. Though I am good-natured most of the time I'm adverse to group hugging and singing kumbaya.

  12. habituatedbuddhist

    Hey! A post inspired by this very thread!!! Let me know what you'll think!

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