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  1. On my blog ( I want to change the post title and all writing to white, problem is I don't know the CSS code for the post titles and archives, blogroll and recent posts etc. I also I want to change the larger writing to a different font. Can someone please help me with the CSS code? Thanks Tegan

  2. Tegan

    The very is question is "have ou purchased the CSS upgrade?"

    Without that you won't be able to change anything.


  3. yeah I have bought the up grade and I have changed lots of things on my blog mostly by trial and error but I can't work out how to change the rest.

  4. #sidebar * {color:#fff}
    .postmetadata * {color:#fff}
    .post * {color:#fff}
    #sidebar ul * {color:#fff}

    at the bottom of your css will do what you need.
    From that you may be able to home in on certain areas for font changes.

    ...and to the CSS experts, I know that's messy. But it does work :)

  5. Thank-you very much all fixed now and I think it looks really good.
    Thanks again.

  6. You'll have to highlight your comments! (white on white)

  7. Does the wildcard work? I thought it didn't for IE?

  8. Yes I just discovered that my comments are white on white does anyone know how I can change the background so the writing stays white but the background has a better contrast.
    Thanks Tegan

  9. I am a genius I worked out how to change the comments myself but for some reason my widget headings appear different in IE and Mozilla anyone know why or how to fix this?

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