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Someone stole a photo of my baby and posted it on...

  1. A smutty blog...

    Is there anything I can do about this?
    Thanks> :(

  2. That's not a blog I'm afraid (it's a self-hosted blog), so I don't think that staff here will be able to do anything. Have you tried contacting the owner of the blog and asking them to remove it?

  3. Domain Name: TIGHTEENS.NET

    Hodge ([email redacted])
    32 Fairford Rd
    Tel. +517.9756000


    Terms & Conditions:
    Look at illegal use, Complaints.

    Check also

  4. Use "whois" to find out who the owner, and the webhost is and then file a DMCA notice. Whois shows that both the registrant, and the host are in the US, so you have a chance. Most webhosts are very proactive in things such as this since they can get whacked quite hard if they do not pay attention to DMCA violation notices.

  5. And Mark put the information right there for you.

  6. Delete it from your blog - it looks directly linked, so just delete it and post here when you have.

  7. I'm sorry...I'm not the most tech savvy person-
    Do I email this person or email 3fn?
    thanks for your speedy responses.

  8. Ok, I just deleted it.

  9. 3fn. The person won't care. Email 3fn and you could shut the blog down.

    But deleting the image from your blog will work fastest.

  10. I deleted the image, but it is still up on his blog.

  11. Did you delete the image from your gallery? When I click on it, I get to this link:

    That's what you need to delete.

  12. thank you!!

  13. What is "DMCA notice"?

  14. If you are the author of a written post, or the photographer of an image, you are almost certainly the copyright holder of that material. If someone copies it without permission you can send a DMCA copyright infringement notice to their web hosting company demanding its removal. Specific instructions for this particular site:

  15. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    Here is a sample notice:

  16. Thanks for you help everyone, My husband took care of it and the website is shut down for "investigation".

  17. @sherrilee
    You're welcome and glad things worked out.

  18. Oh, that is good news.

  19. Yeah, it's just stupid to steal someone else's baby pictures, and wrong

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