Someone swiped my blog?

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    Someone swiped my blog?

    I’ve only had an account here for a few weeks. Someone dropped by to tell me that another site had reposted my blog. My blog is at:

    …and was posted yesterday. A copy of it showed up here today:

    It’s says “just another wordpress blog” in their headliner, but the url doesn’t show it to be wordpress? I’m confused. Can anyone give me any info as to what is going on? There are pages and pages of posts on this blog, all posted today. I’m wondering if this person is going around swiping multiple blogs?



    I should probably add that I am brand new to blogging, in general, and don’t have the faintest idea regarding key words or terminology to even try to make sense of it on my own.



    This is what is commonly called a splog.
    other (probably all ) post are taken via a computer program called a script.
    unfortunately this is a major nuisance in blogging.

    The goal of most splogs,(long story shot) is to raise another sites importance on web engines like google.

    I cant seem to access this one link (in the blog roll) which this splog/ robot seems to be working for


    Splog? So, it’s random automated swiping? How do you tell when you’ve come across a splog site versus another person’s blog site? And what does one do when they’ve been splogged?

    And what is the point of having a site full of swiped blogs if it seems to lead no where else?

    Thanks for the response.



    I am 8 weeks into blogging, and when I first saw these things I also studied them for some sense, alas they are continually occurring, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, the urls often end in .info, also I have even had one or two visitors from them.



    the site is on godaddy . com

    you can e-mail them at

    abuse @ godaddy . com

    explain that you believe this web page has stolen your content.
    give them your post and the linl in question

    the server I.P. :



    if you are unable to get this content theft taken off, do not worry to much.
    it is just part of blogging
    and most people who see these splogs know what they are anyway . cyber crap.
    sorry you had to deal with this so soon.


    No problem, and thank you for replying. I’ll email godaddy and not worry about it. Other than that I think it’s pathetically lame to swipe people’s blogs.

    Could you tell me, though, for future refernce how i can tell the difference between a real blog and a splog?

    Thanks also, morris, for replying.



    sorry to ditto your comment morris108. and i agree with your attitude towards these



    normally you will see a post after post by different bloggers. on the same site. sometimes the context of each post won’t make sense.
    trust me you will get use to seeing them!

    sometimes you can report them and you can crush ’em sometimes you can’t.


    Understood, and again, thanks so much!



    If they have a link to your site you can get some visitors from it. Unless it’s absolutely uncredited, I wouldn’t worry about it.


    javajivehigh: I took a look at this case. First off, I agree with the others that this is a spam blog and that the scraping is purely automated. The tip off for me personally was that they had not changed the tagline.

    If you want to put a stop to it, you can file a DMCA notice with their host, GoDaddy. You can find the information for doing so here:

    I have stock letters that you are free to use on my site (plagiarismtoday dot com) and would gladly help you with this if you need any guidance. Just send me an email if there is anything that I can do to help with this, or any other case.



    How did you know it is a GoDaddy . com blog?

    I was having a similar question to the OP earlier today and looking at all of the inbound links from these odd sites.

    One of them even mis-identified me as a different person entirely.

    It wouldn’t annoy me that much except some of them are trying to make money off my content using Google Ads



    Info about is available in

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