Someone’s posted a spam comment I can’t delete

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    I came back from the weekend to find that someone had left an odd comment.

    “Please forgive this post, it is simply a test to see if your site is spamable. Code: A77T10Q4”

    … on my blog. Well, I thought, I really don’t want my blog to be spammable :-) So into MyDashboard I went, and hit delete… and unapprove… and mark as spam…

    … all of which told me “You don’t have permission”.

    What? I don’t have permission to delete a spam comment from my own blog?

    The message doesn’t appear as spam in Askimet (which does, to be fair, pick up huge numbers of spam commemnts.)



    Someone pointed it out in another thread. It appears we may have an issue.

    I’ll send in a feedback.



    Please clear the browser cache and cookies.
    That will sort it.

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