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Something clutters my post.

  1. There is information called "Computer Support Hotline" that clutters my post from May 11, 2014. It also appears when I click "Home" or "May". Although my internet is fast, it says that I experience slow interner. How can I remove it? Could it be a computer virus? This information appeared on the old computer. Now I have a new one. But this trash is still here. Besides, I do not have any problems.
    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @meltwater2012

    We do occasionally run ads in order to keep free services free. However, ads of the nature you describe are not permitted in our advertiser's network.

    I did not see that ad when visiting the site. If you do see an offensive ad again, please make a screenshot and attach it to a reply to this message, and provide the URL the ad links to by right-clicking the ad and copying the URL as well as the country you're currently browsing from. We take this very seriously.

    Here's how to make a screenshot:

    Please note that it's possible for ads to appear in your browser that were *not* placed there by These ads are sometimes caused by malware or a virus, but more often it is due to a browser extension or toolbar that you may have installed in your browser.

    These sites have further explanation and suggestions for eliminating the ads:

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

  3. Thank you very much for your reply.
    That ad was visible on my site. However, several days ago, I sent the post with it into the trash. Can I have a guarantee that it will not interfere with my blog in the future?

  4. @meltwater2012

    As previously stated, the type of ad you described doesn't sound like one that would be included in our advertiser's network.

    If this ad was the result of your computer being infected with malware, I cannot guarantee that you will not see such things in the future.

    Please review the links I previously provided, and if you see such an ad again, take a screenshot and upload it to your site's Media Library, so I will have a better idea as to what you are referring to.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

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