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Something funky??

  1. Is something funky going on with WP today? I just wrote and published a post, added to my blogroll and approved 2 comments and now...they are gone. My blog shows that I never made these changes. The post I completed and published is showing as a partially-completed draft. What's going on? Refreshing the pages doesn't help. Can anyone advise??

  2. I can't help. But I was wondering the same thing. I have tried to update my author page several times and it just keeps coming back with the original post.

    Just to let you know you are not alone!

  3. Haven't see it although they were having issues previously.

    Some details would be helpful. A link to your blog, maybe the name of the post, the url you added, etc. That way maybe we can see something that you're not. You don't really give folks anything to go on here.

    There are multiple datacenters. Maybe the data between them hasn't gotten fully murged yet from your changes.

  4. Thanks, drmike, I was having the same problem and it did seem to be a problem of lag.

  5. Okay, I guess you're right. It was just a problem of lag. My changes are there now. Thanks.

  6. Not a problem. :)

  7. just checked and mine is all good now too.


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