something horrible has happened to my site

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    Please help me fix my blog please. I do not know what has happened to my site. I tried to add an additional page and the changes created what you see when you log onto Please help me fix this problem stat. Thank you.



    It’s your calendar. it’s our fault and the fix is already on the way.


    I think this is happening across sites using the Andreas09 theme.



    Yeah, I use Andreas09 too, and it got wicked.

    BTW, not sure what is that comment about the calendar, I tried removing the calendar widget, and it is still weird looking.


    MIne too! Thank goodness, I thought it was something *I* did!


    Thank you so very much. My whole presentation changed on my front page concerning my side bars and pages. Do I need to do anything at my end. Thank you for your proactive attention to this matter. Craig


    I tried taking the calendar out – like brood says, that didn’t seem to fix anything. It looks more like the header is wonked.


    I wasn’t displaying the calendar in the first place, and I’m having the same problem.



    Alright, Go to Presentations> Widgets, and take everything out. Save it. Look at your blog if the blog looks good. Now, if you want to put a widget, do it one at the time. Don’t set a bunch of them. Just get a widget, save it, and go to your blog to see how it looks. If you don’t like it, take it off.



    Fixed – reload the blogs.



    server blog, staff is working on fixing the problem. Have you talked with staff and that is what they are suggesting ???


    My blog is in tip top shape. Thank you for being so attentive Mark. God bless you. Craig



    Secondchancetolive, That’s what I’m suggesting. Nope, they are not. If you want to do what I’m suggesting, That’s up to you.

    You know what… Just wait until they fix it. Just forget that i said anything. =/

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