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  1. Havent been able to access backend since early this afternoon on two different devices- mystats, wordpress main page, etc since 2pm. Public facing page also not loading, it came back around 7pm. Intermittent connectivity to home page. Progress bar in browser hangs at 50% interminably. Just required five and change minutes to load a "add new post page", and that required several tries. Other sites loading normally. In New York City- DNS issues?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think it's DNS. You might want to contact your ISP and ask if they're blocking or its image servers; that can sometimes happen. Also, what browser and version are you using? Have you tried disabling add-ons? Sounds like somewhere along the line your system concluded was dangerous.

  3. Its Time Warner Cable in nyc, perhaps the worlds worst corporation, so not impossible. Its weird behavior. I'll be able to load the page, but only after three or four "hit enter again"'s. Managed to access the dashboard after like ten minutes, make a test post and save the draft- then hung up on a preview window that never built. Just did a blanket deletion of cookies, then lost again. Its not just me though, when I can see dash it tells me that Im at half traffic.

  4. I'll flag this for staff, that doesn't sound good. Let us know what browser and version, and what add-ons your browser has.

  5. I'm located in NY as well (Brooklyn) and having similar difficulty. Time Warner was doing "Scheduled Maintenance" on 5/11/12 between 1 am and 5 am. Internet has been shoddy at best ever since.

  6. Whatever the issue was, it seems to have resolved itself. Thanks for the help and advice, gang. Its why I fly with WordPress

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