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Something is wrong with WordPress

  1. So, people are having problems with posting to WordPress since the Tiny MCE update. These people include my writing partner. The problems include, but are not limited to: Flipping between Rich Text and HTML doesn't work, Saving doesn't work, Links within the edit page open up in full view instead of loading in innerHTML, Images in the image-window aren't loading or will not upload, etc etc. All in all: posting is a gruesome, time-consuming task.

    All posts with questions on this matter in the forum have been marked with "resolved".

    What's been resolved? "Check your firewall, delete your cookies and cache"?

    No. Doesn't help.

    The only thing to change with my writing partner's computer/browser setup is the code on WordPress. It's seriously a problem you should look into having fixed asap, or do a full rollback, because the problems aren't fixable on the user-end.

    Being backed up on support on a free-for-all service is perfectly fine, but pretending to fix things and saying you're done is not.

    Do over.

  2. I suspect that all the old Tiny MCE bug threads that are marked as resolved are months old (with the possible exception of one thread). Can you check the dates - you don't give a link to any of the threads in question.

    Can I also suggest two things:

    1. Turn off TinyMCE. WP plays much nicer when using the basic editor.

    2. Report this as feedback. You'll get a much quicker response (if you want one) than just posting it in the forum.


  3. "Do over"

    377,000 blogs and these problems occur on a fraction of a percent of blogs. No that does not make them less important but please do not make something out to be a colossal "whole of" issue when it is not. I know - I get all the emails.

    If you do send a support, please send lots of information. Unless we get detailed information we are limited in what we can investigate.

  4. cornell and podz -

    Thanks for your suggestions. It was posted as feedback (with plenty of information), though, and the reply wasn't helpful at all. Checking out the forums seemed to point to similar stories, so I'm making a slightly bigger deal out of it than it's previously been. I feel it's called for.


    I didn't make it out to be a colossal "whole of", but posts are marked as "resolved" that are not "resolved", and Feedback requests are getting cut'n'paste comments about clearing the cache. That doesn't really incourage further communication via feedback, hence this post.

  5. I checked the feedback and I replied to you but I got no response back?

    I use XP, I have all the browsers and I try to replicate problems when they are reported.
    If I can make it happen that's a good thing - I file that and the sequence can be followed through and the code sorted.
    If I cannot make it happen then we have a much harder time figuring out what the problem is. If it's just IE then it's many quirks could be checked but when it's all browsers but only for a really small number of people then it's like a needle in a huge haystack.

    Example: On this computer in front of me I could not get a certain bug to appear. I tried endlessly. Yet on the one my wife used it appeared. They look the same but somewhere something is different. Multiply that by several people and several browsers across 3 operating systems..

    I would love to be able to answer all the problems but sometimes I cannot. But with complex ones I have to start right at the beginning - basic but necessary.

    "Feedback requests are getting cut'n'paste comments about clearing the cache."
    And I do not cut/paste. You get a real answer. If you check the reply I sent on 30 September I didn't even suggest that.

  6. My partner's reply about the answer I got was a little skewed about the cache and the cookies, because we tried so many things to try and make it work including several times clearing both cache and cookies both with IE and Firefox that there was a bit of confusion with the actual answer I got.. when in fact you did say it must be my firewall. I don't even have the firewall activated because I use a router. It doesn't change the fact that to me, it seemed that was the supposed answer.

    I even went into my privacy settings on my computer to make sure the site was always allowed.

    The thing is before this little update I had no problems. Worked smooth as silk. Then, boom, the editor was updated and I can't use it without turning off the rich text editor. Well, now I can post, but only using html but then today again, I had another problem happen. When browsing for the image I wanted to use in my blog, first thing that happened was it opened on an entirely different page instead of inside the original page as it used to. The 5 latest images were sprawled across the top of the page, the rest of the page was all blue.
    So I backed up and lost everything that I wrote.
    Then I rewrote the blog and saved first, then tried to browse to the image, and now only 4 of them were available. One gave just the image name and when I tried to access it, through a right click, using thumbnail was crossed out.

    I don't want to make trouble, I just want it to work smooth as silk again. It's just frustrating to go from doing something that is enjoyable to everything freaking out.

  7. The images problem is due to a server problem we had overnight. That should either be cured or will sort itself out today.

    The reason I said firewall is that some people insist on using things like Norton Internet Security and that can cause havoc. I too have a router firewall so it's not an issue. The fact it happens on both browsers still suggests to me that it's an issue with something they share. But what that can be has me stumped right now.

    Here's something to try:
    Firefox > Tools > Javascript console.
    Clear the list if anything is there.
    Go to your Write page
    Check the console. If there are errors, send them into feedback. If there are not, click the editor until there are (because there must be js errors if it is not working).
    Send them in and I'll get them looked at.

  8. Thank you, I have a review that I want to write tomorrow, and I will do exactly as you ask and send any errors I get through feedback. I appreciate any help you can give me.

  9. This is one heckava good useful instructive thread. I'll translate some of it later --clueless what "TinyMCE" is e.g. Since I am posting I'll say: I have No tech probs posting. (Sorry but, it would be hard to be any happier with PRESSROW theme, WP.)

    To: OPs & others - I still have work to do to get UP to 'newbie' level, I'm tech illiterate, so believe me when I say: THIS is NOT a Google Forum. People behind WP are real, real smart, real helpful, Really answer --really care, about every aspect. If answer you get doesn't solve/resolve: just say that; you're entitled to feel frustrated, dial back on the anger, it doesn't help. --There's a TON of smart bloggers (nearly all but me!) on WP who could also advise, but might ignore instead.

  10. @poppy
    Tiny MCE is the text rich editor that many of us have opted to shut off. We refer to turning the dear wee thing off as "turning away from the dark side" in this thread
    Using tiny MCE means you have to muck with html. Not using it means you don't have to. Using an offline editor like BlogDesk means you just type your stuff in and use buttons to format it. After you save a copy for back-up to your own computer, you upload it to your blog through BlogDesk and that program supplies all the html code required to accomplish what you intended. If you want to fiddle with it and add more html to it you can do that too. If that's the case then instead of uploading your post through BlogDesk for immediate publication you upload your post as a draft and edit it once it's on your blog.
    The staff have been making adjustments to tiny MCE this weekend. They "broke it" when working on it and that caused some problems that are now by and large, but not completely, rectified.
    If you do not use the text rich editor poppy then this thread won't be important to you. ;)
    P.S. I agree that wordpress sysadmin staff and the bloggers have created a supportive community where help is never far away. Nosy and I can testify that we could have turned gray and withered away waiting for someone to lend a helping hand at Blogger. That's not the case at The support here is outstanding.

  11. ~TT: Uhm...thanks, I think.... "BlogDesk"??? Sheesh... HTML --I had to learn, to create website; not so bad. After brief scan (of your link) and a blank "write" page in my Dashboard, so far I conclude that this is one of those things like sausages: best not to know what's in it. PRESSROW theme so utterly good looking, works so well, for me, I don't want to 'fix'/shut off anything not now broken. If TinyMice(?) becomes a critical issue, no way around it, I'll search Forum for prolly numerous rants. Till then blog/theme/text/me: just ducky.

  12. ok, well, I started to do my review and immediately got stuck with not being able to move between compose and html.

    I got a javascript error right away, and have sent in the feedback. I hope it will help you find the problem.

  13. "The staff have been making adjustments to tiny MCE this weekend."
    We did?

  14. Go to your Write page
    Check the console. If there are errors, send them into feedback. If there are not, click the editor until there are (because there must be js errors if it is not working).

    Just a note.. there are a lot of javascript errors that show up all the time in the console that aren't service affecting.

    When people are sending but reports it is great if you can go to the "Help >> About" menu and copy the browser version exactly. Sometimes a small thing like which patches you are running changes everything.

  15. Alternatively of course you could do what I suggested in my first reply and switch off the TinyMCE...


  16. What is the TinyMCE and how do I switch it off?

  17. @podz
    I'm not making stuff up. People were complaining about images, disappearing and various text rich editor problems. Barry said in one of the threads in the last 2 days (that I don't have the energy to locate right now because the thread title was not descriptive) that text rich editor broke and changes were being made.

    @leisureguy has two editors. If you want to shut the text rich one off here you go -> dashboard -> users -> your profile -> personal options (uncheck the box for the visual rich editor when writing and then don't forget to click "update profile")
    Happy blogging!

  18. ~Engtech: where's the kitten?

  19. Here's something to try:
    Firefox > Tools > Javascript console.
    Clear the list if anything is there.
    Go to your Write page
    Check the console. If there are errors, send them into feedback. If there are not, click the editor until there are (because there must be js errors if it is not working).
    Send them in and I'll get them looked at.

    For the first time ever, I just checked that now and everything there says error. And most of it is my blog. Some other things too that I don't even remember visiting. I learn something new everyday.

  20. Just wrote and published (and deleted) a test post. Stuffed around trying to insert a photo. Did the Firefox > Tools > Javascript console > clear routine - still no joy. Switched to Opera - instant success. Didn't want to try IE because I'd have to switch to MS Windows, and my modem is noisey on that OS and it would wake people. Got back to Firefox - this time success - but real slow. From previous experience it could be one of or a combination of software at the blogger's end, and ISP service. While I've been writing this in an Opera tab, Firefox is still attempting to load the log in page. I'm going to have to compare the 2 a bit more.

  21. Something is indeed wrong with WordPress. I'm on IE, on a slick-fast computer and a fast connection, and just logging in here to post that WordPress is slow took more than seven minutes. My stat graph times out completely. It was bad yesterday, much worse today. I can't blog at all at this rate.

  22. It is very very slow - and the guys are on the case right now. It should get better quickly :)

  23. hello...just wondering if the problem i am having is at all related to the above threads? i cannot seem to access photos on some of my previously posted blogs. only the posts from august 28 through now appear. all photos prior to that (from april until mid august) appear as the photo file name and nothing else. i have tried two different browsers (safari and firefox) and i see the same thing.

    any idea on how to fix this?

  24. Sawyer, a quick search (Next time, please point us at an example of this issue instead of making us guess. Here's a post I see on the issue) shows that some of your photos are on blogger and not Blogger does not allow hotlinking and will not allow other sites to link directly to them.

    Hope this helps,

  25. hi drmike,
    thank you for your reply. as i am new to the forum posting, i just realized that you are correct in pointing out to many people (not just me) that you need a specific example of what we are complaining about.

    so check these posts out from my blog:
    (the above link is the first day i started posting on wordpress--and even this one doesnt have images that work.)

    i stopped posting on blogger before august 9. all posts since that day have been developed on for months and months, all of my posts (including ALL the ones from blogger that i transfered over to wordpress) were fine. all images appeared. now, in the last several days, ALL of the images in most of August posts all the way back to April are no longer existent. in addition, sporatic images are not showing up in posts throughout september. in IE they have a red x. in safari and firefox they only list the image file name.

    this weekend i even tried reloading images into several of the posts and though they successfully loaded fine, they still do not appear on the post.

    a little more help if you can provide it! thanks!!

  26. any more thoughts? still having the same problem...would really like to get it fixed!!! :)

  27. @sawyerjackson
    Send in a feedback with a link to this thread. Fixing this is a backend issue and none of us volunteers on the forum have backend access. Best wishes for a postive outcome. :)

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