something just crawled my site?

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    Hey, I’ve been checking my stats every 10-15 min or so, and just noticed a huge spike in hits since the last time I checked. Looks like somebody hit every single post all the way back to the meaningless “Hello World” I first put up.

    Should I worry about this? Is this common? I haven’t seen anything like it before & just figured i would ask around…


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m sorry I can’t help. But I just had to comment because your post title sounds so creepy and sinister. It made me shiver.
    But I’ve just visited your site and maybe it’s because it is so interesting and informative. Just a thought.



    Aw, thank you Jess :)

    I still wonder, though. Would be interested to hear whether other folks have had anything similar happen.


    Whenever I write something on a topic a greater number of people are already interested in (which I don’t always know ahead of time) I get a rapid uptick, sometimes triple my daily average.


    @ gaudetetheology – maybe they didn’t ‘crawl’ maybe they saw one of your posts and entered your blot to view it, and if, as I do, they have an ‘Auto-pager’ on their browser, as they enter it will load some of your pages :D


    Oops that was typo ‘blog’ not ‘blot’ lol



    To the original poster – yes, it does happen and has happened to me. I heap of hits in a few seconds. In my case I wrtoe to the company involved and discovered my site was being crawled as a result of another site they were crawling and they excluded me from their crawl.

    It was some months ago that it happened to me.

    Jessie, it isn’t sinister – it is a technical term related to the internet.


    @ teamoyeniyi, I know, but it’s like when someone says…..’listen, there’s someone upstairs’ or something. My writers imagination kicking in. Lol.



    If you are concerned about this (I wouldn’t be) then use the Help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page please and report it to Staff.


    Thanks everyone – I just wanted to check if this was a common indicator of wholesale content theft, or anything like that. Sounds harmless – I will stop worrying. :)

    Thanks again!



    I just wanted to check if this was a common indicator of wholesale content theft, or anything like that …

    It could be and if you suspect that it is then use copyscape. Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. The software lets you detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original.

    You can also use Plagium Plagiarism Tracker to search for a unique text string in a post or page.

    And you can use Google search in the same way.


    Thanks for the additional info, Timethief!



    You’re welcome. :)
    There’s also copygator a free service and is powered by the feed spidering power of ://URLFAN.

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