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    Can this be created? I mean can wordpress create a blog site format that simply does not have the follower function? Some of us, (me included), do not want any followers ever, and do not want a follower function period.

    This blog format could be totally separate and new from what is built right now. Please consider building a “no follower” blog site.

    This is my idea. I hope it gets consideration from the creators at wordpress.

    Really, the “follower function” is so outdated and old these days. And some people are very negative and create problems when they are allowed to follow at will.

    Bloggers should have the control over our blogs, not the followers.

    The blog I need help with is


    Well ofcourse it can be done.Just takes the right people doing it.


    It seems I am one of the very few that really do not want followers at all. The whole following thing to me is highly negative.

    I would never follow someone’s blog. I don’t care if people read my blog. Anyone can read my blog and add to my stats. I will never be a private blog. I want people to read it. I just don’t want followers. Following to me is like stalking someone: a very negative behavior.

    Social media is built on this following thing. I have been told that blogs here are not social media, but, following blog sites is very much like social media. Following is a big deal on social media! I don’t go there ever.

    My personal opinion: following should never have been including in constructing blog sites. And the fact that WordPress is not doing anything about this makes it clear that following here is standard and there are no other options because they did not build the options in at the beginning. And they certainly could have done this, quite easily too.

    And it also is apparent that new ideas are ignored, which is highly negative behavior too.

    I will continue to blog freely here on my paid website and constantly delete followers. I want people to read my words and contact me for healing services. I do not want some followers around me. That makes sense now doesn’t it? I want to interact with healers.


    Hmm, the only change I see is now I can invite up to 10 followers at a time. That is not the change I was hoping to see. But at least it is a change.

    Perhaps more positive changes are coming through soon. Perhaps we bloggers and domain owners will finally have control over followers.


    I introduced a new idea here and no one from WordPress responded. Incredible!

    WordPress is a very closed place for ideas from the bloggers.

    I will let the Universe take it from here.🌍


    I would like to implement the same to my website.


    Maybe we can start a petition right here. I knew I was not the only blogger who feels this way…


    “Removing followers makes them stop receiving updates from your site. If they choose to, they can still visit your site, and follow it again.”

    Another follower was just removed!
    And above is the message from wordpress.
    This follower did not visit my site. I am sure sure how this follower found me.


    Just updating, no progress made here. Same old stuff.




    Hi there!

    I want people to read it. I just don’t want followers. Following to me is like stalking someone: a very negative behavior.

    The term “follower” in lingo means the same as “subscriber.” A subscriber to a website merely gets notified, if they choose to, when a new post is published on the site. Being a subscriber gives them no other permissions or special privileges with respect to that site.
    How is a subscriber like a stalker? Maybe I’ve missed something, but it seems to me that calling a subscriber a stalker is a bit like saying that someone that gets notified when a new issue of a free newspaper is distributed to a vending box on a street corner or outside a market is a stalker.

    I want people to read my words and contact me for healing services. I do not want some followers around me.

    Being a subscriber is not like being a groupie. Subscribers aren’t waiting at your doorstep hoping for a glimpse of you. Some of them just want to know when you publish something, so they request to be notified of new posts. That’s an option for followers. Being able to follow your site makes it easier, for those interested in what you have to say on the site, to know when you’ve published something new by notifying them immediately. Such notifications might also remind them that your site exists, in case it had somehow slipped off their radar.





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    Really, this one person who continually follows is a stalker. She never views my posts. All she does is follow. And thinks she is getting free healing from me as a result.

    I am a powerful Universe Family Healer so I do not want negative people like that getting any attention from me at all.


    I do not live in the world of followers. I know I am not the only blogger here who feels this way too. We should have this no follower option available. That’s all I am saying. And no this is not resolved yet.


    I remove spiritual worlds around humans. Read my blog to understand more about what I do.

    I am trying to make an awareness that followers are not a good thing anywhere. A lot of negative energy exists with the following function.



    followers are not a good thing anywhere

    On, follow=subscribe and follower=subscriber. Would you argue that subscribing can never be a good thing? If one were to subscribe to a free newsletter, how would that necessarily be a bad thing?


    It’s not about subscribing. You are not seeing it from another point of view. Some people use that following function for negative reasons. There are many reasons why people follow a blog. Not all are good.


    And so because people are all different and follow blogs for their own purposes, it is important for us bloggers to have control over this follower function.

    Especially those of us who are in the healing business.

    You see, we are different. We don’t want negative people establishing their connection to us. We want to interact with positive people who are interested in real healing. This person who constantly tries to follow me does not interact with me at all and has no interests similar to me. Therefore she is a stalker.


    Anyway, this is the right forum to suggest new ideas. WordPress does not seem to be open to new ideas about followers. But I continue to advocate for it anyway. It should have done years ago.


    “Removing followers makes them stop receiving updates from your site. If they choose to, they can still visit your site, and follow it again.”

    Wrong wrong wrong. They should not have the choice. WordPress automatically gives followers the choice to follow. We need to take back their ability to follow. We remove them because we do not want them around us. Get it?


    Everyday I remove the same follower. I am constantly putting that follower in the trash can and the very next day, that follower is back. This is not normal behavior right? Stalkers do this.

    My idea is to have a no follower blog here on WordPress. My idea is new and a very good one. My idea is being ignored. WordPress is not open to new ideas even though they have a forum for this specific reason. This forum topic is seldom viewed by the creators here at WordPress. This forum is here to make themselves look good and act like they are really interested. But in reality they are not.

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