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Something new in spam comments?

  1. I just noticed Akismet caught two spam comments that had somehow attached to a post that is closed to comments and pings!

  2. there's one spam that's around lately by idetrorce and it always says the same thing - 'i don't agree with you' or something to that effect. funny thing is, there's no link, just an e-mail. don't know what's the point...

    and i just had one spam that was timing out the post it commented it, and i can't access 'comments' through dashboard because of that too. managed to delete it by taking the comment id and inserting into the direct url to edit comments.

  3. I has the idetrorce one as well. Didn't realise it was spam - just thought it was someone leaving a lame comment. Thanks for the heads up; it's now consigned to the spam-bin.

  4. yeap, i fell for it too. i only realised it when the same thing appeared in 'my comments' section in other blogs i've previously commented it - word for word! haha.

  5. I had one from idetrorce this very morning on an old post. It did say something like I don't agree with you but this was interesting. I've also been getting a lot of spam that's just a series of numbers. Don't know the point of that either.

  6. I had that idetrorce one twice, and a friend of mine once. It seems to come from Indonesia, and it's true, no links in it... Perhaps a new spammer is just practising?

  7. I've also been getting a lot of spam that's just a series of numbers. Don't know the point of that either.

    ellaella: that's the one that was timing out my post.

  8. I get them 6 or 12 at a time, sulz. Akismet has caught them all.

  9. idetrorceI spammed it on sight. I also spam immediately the ones that have just number and or letters.

    Closing the comments on posts that are older than 30 days cuts down on spam like you would not believe.

  10. "Closing the comments on posts that are older than 30 days cuts down on spam like you would not believe." Sure does, and I have been going back through my posts shutting the doors! My initial comment here however was that two spams managed to attack a post that had been closed to comments and pings. How can this happen?

  11. hmm, just one for the number spam, but maybe akismet caught the others.

    i hardly ever get spam actually. akismet's been real good to me. =)

  12. @ninglun
    I think this is definitely an issue that you ought to take to staff.

  13. I got one from idetrorce on each of my blogs, actually. It must be going through our blogrolls.

    ninglun, it can happen if you've got a contact form in the post. Other than that, no idea.

  14. The contact form will send to your email address though, not to your comments.

  15. True, but if you get emailed all your comments, it can be confusing.

  16. Yes, that could be so.

  17. be also aware that this may be the same spammer leaving comments such as:

    "lol thankiossp", "Thankiossk Cool!"

    And other variants of this kinda comments.

    I got these on my self-hosted blogs, first like the ones I'm quoting above then like the "I don't agree" kind.

  18. I have a contact form. That may be the answer.

  19. @ninglun
    If you are receiving them by email, but they are not showing up in your comments, then yes that may be it. If they are showing up in the comments on the blog, then no, the contact form would not be the cause. Stuff put into your contact page does not go to your comments on your blog.

  20. On second thoughts I am wrong about that; there was no contact form on the entry. I do have a contact page, and that does send an occasional email spam, but mostly they get caught by my mail provider. The two comments caught by Akismet in the usual way, on a post closed to pings and comment. There was a #1313 next to the spam comment, which I took to be a comment number to which they were a reply, but that was not the case either. I think I'll just see if it happens again and then contact staff before deleting the spams so the full story is there for them to see. Others might also report if it happens to them. Perhaps the spams were sent just before I closed comment on that post? As I said, I have been going back through old posts closing them.

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