Something seems seriously wrong with the reporting of “Incoming Links”

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    Something seems seriously wrong with the way links are reported and listed on the WP blog stats page. I have raised this before and was told that it was a problem with Google Blog Search, but this doesn’t seem right. My site has been growing extremely steadily since its inception. Just in the past month, for example, I have added a great number of new links, some from very major sites — for example, from blogs for a) the largest “establishment” newspaper in England and b) one of the largest papers in New Zealand. These are only two. These clearly recorded in the traffic colum but NOT under “Incoming Links.” My average number of daily visitors has roughly doubled or tripled in the past month owing to all these links … almost none of which show up under the incoming links. I would greatly appreciate it if Word Press support would try to resolve this and, if possible, let Technorati know that incoming links for my site are being seriously underreported. Thank you.


    Thank you. I check that every day, and the links just do not square at all with what shows up on WordPress.



    Nope, never have, never will. The Incoming Links relates to Google, but whether it’s Google Blogsearch or Google proper no-one seems to know. Technorati only counts incoming links from other, Technorati-registered blogs, but still it seems far more comprehensive.

    Newspaper blogs, btw, are almost never registered on Technorati, so they won’t typically show up there. That’s not a malfunction: it’s Technorati’s mandate. They only want to count blogs that register with them.



    I am having the same problem, which I mentioned in another forum entry. Sorry to keep going on about it, but I am getting Google alerts and Technorati links. I just don’t see it in WP.


    I am getting Google alerts and Technorati links

    As wordpress merely posts these (see the post above from raincoaster) and as we can certainly see our links via Google and Technorati I’m wondering why this is such a concern. Have you contacted staff about it?


    Rain: That was extremely helpful. I had no idea Technorati only counts links from blogs registered with it. That may explain a lot about what’s happening with my link totals. Other WP users might like to know that Technorati also doesn’t seem count other kinds of links that can send you a lot of traffic, such as links from colleges. For example, my alma mater — a fairly large state university — has been linking to my blog and sending traffic for nine months, but the link never shows up there or anywhere else.

    Strangely enough, this morning Technorati gave me back 9 links that had mysteriously vanished yesterday (or maybe added 9 new ones that recently have arrived — who knows?). I wonder if Technorati keeps any eye on concerns posted in public forums like this one? In case it does, I would encourage WP users to raise their concerns here, because part of my problem did seem to get corrected as unexpectedly as it appeared since I left my first comment about the link discrepancies.



    > The Incoming Links relates to Google, but whether it’s Google Blogsearch or Google proper no-one seems to know

    it’s Google Blogsearch.



    Hmmm. I agree that it doesn’t really work.

    You’re simply better off doing your own search for linked sites using Google Webmaster tools.

    Google Blogsearch seems to wither on the vine. I think its inception must go back to a couple of years ago when there was a tendency to try to categorise the internet, assuming that there was some sort of fundamental <difference> between blogs and other websites.

    You can argue the toss about the truth of this, but perhaps fundamentally we search for useful information and read it wherever we find it.


    I have observed the same issue on my blog. I wish I knew, what we could do ourselves? Perhaps we could organize an initiative from the WordPress users and contact Google together? Grassrooting might work?



    The standard Google link operator (i.e. link:) as used by WordPress only returns a limited results set. You can get comprehensive results by registering with Google Webmaster Tools. You might find this helpful:

    If you decide to use the Webmaster tools you need to confirm, with Google, that you own the site. This isn’t straight forward with WP, but there is a hack”:

    1. When you get to choosing ‘verification method’ (with Google Webmaster) choose “Upload HTML file”.
    2. Google will give you a code, copy this and create a Page in WordPress with this code as its title.
    3. Publish it
    4. Return to Google and select ‘verify’
    5. You can now remove the page from WP… its worth keeping it as a draft rather than deleting it – you will need it every so often.



    @derivadow: tried your hack and it works. Thanks.



    Glad to help :)



    Hey, I just moved over from a self hosted blog, old version 2.0.5, in that dashboard I can see incoming links under the “Latest Activity”. But in, should it be under Dashboard > “Your Stuff” or should I be looking at “Blog stats” instead? Am I missing something here? Thanks for your help.



    It is under the “blog stats” tab on the right hand side near the bottom :)




    Thanks for the speedy reply. I only see four items though,
    “Top Posts”
    “Search Engine Terms”



    It will show up as “Incoming Links” on the blog stats page. It sometimes takes awhile to load and seems to not show up all the time if it doesn’t get the content before the page loads. Keep checking back and it should show up sometime!




    Thanks Trent, that certainly clears things up. =))

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