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    I really love blissful blog theme, my only qualm with it (and i can see it’s an issue for others) is that it has no sidebar on the main page, and I know there is nothing to be done about that. does anyone know of a theme that is very similar to blissful blog, but that has a sidebar!? I have been searching for a few days for something new, and pretty much all the themes im looking at are missing something that I need.

    The blog I need help with is


    I really like your blog look and am wondering if it was easy to remove the floral design from “bouquet” theme.


    I actually had to buy a custom upgrade to change the colors for this theme. I believe without the custom upgrade you can change the header, but you only have a few options for colour palette.


    But once you buy the upgrade its definitely easy to play around with the colours! Buying the upgrade was worth it in my opinion.


    Thank you, I bought the upgrade and switched to bouquet. I was able to remove the floral header and change the colors thankfully. Your site looks fabulous– are you a technically oriented person, or did you find any online help resources particularly useful?



    @larkspurshoppe: We can’t answer your question when we don’t know what “very similar” means to you or what each “missing something that you need” is.
    By the way, your “nothing to be done” isn’t true: if you have the upgrade and enough experience in CSS editing, you can turn the footer widgets into a sidebar.


    @franciskristin: I wouldn’t call myself technically oriented. I have read forums on wordpress and google a lot of things if I’m unsure about something I’m trying to do. Your site looks great as well. Is there something on my site your looking to do to yours as well?
    @justpi: I’ve changed my theme, and no longer require help on this.

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