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something strange

  1. I wrote a post yesterday, which is now at the "top posts" section of my blog. Nevertheless, the hits counter didn't budge since yesterday afternoon... As far as I know, I'm the only one who has read that post. How can it be a Top Post? Was it me? did I make it "popular"? or is there something wrong with the hits counter?


  2. There was something wrong with stats yesterday. Try clearing your browser cache and doing a forced reload of the page; that's what I finally did and that seemed to work. Otherwise my computer was just looking at the stored version of the page.

  3. hmmm... that's a little embaraasing, but how do I do that? do you mean the cookies? and what is a forced reload?

    Thanks for your patience...

  4. Go to your Control Panel, then Internet Options and delete the cookies and "delete files". That should clear out the cache. And to do a forced reload if you're using Windows, it's Control F5. You can't just hit Refresh. Hope this helps.

  5. Ok, I did it. I deleted the cookies and the files and pressed f5 on my blog page. The hits counter didn't change.

    What is this Top Post thing anyway? Does it count hits on a certain post? Does it count my hits too? it seems absurd, but I don't have any other explanation. How can a post be at the top if nobody read it yet?

  6. the stats seem to be strange today too mine don't seen to have budged and also I keep getting spam comments that are not being caught by the spam filter which has never happened before.

  7. The spammers may be trying something new. Just tag the spam as such. This sends it into Akismet and allows for the system to learn.

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