Something strange is happening….

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    I have just set-up a page that contains a load of thumbnails that link to their larger counterparts.

    However, my sidebar has filled with yellow!

    I am using the Regulus theme.

    The pages is here –

    Does anyone know why this is happening?





    What browser are you using? Looks fine to me in IE 6.0.2900. Try clearing your cache and doing a forced reload of the page if you haven’t yet.



    I’ll try clearing it all out again and restarting the browser.

    Cheers drmike.


    Hmmmnnnn….still happening. I’ve jigged around the photos to see if that makes difference, it sems not.

    Does anyone else using FF find this problem when they view the page?



    I used the regulus theme for months. This is *NOT* a browser issue. It’s a theme issue.
    The regulus theme gives you “current theme options” to choose from and they are colour options. You chose the gold/yellow colour option called “orange spice”. It colours the page tabs and search box on your front page and the entires sidebar on every page other than the front page gold/yellow.
    You can choose “white wash” (white)or “blend it in” (very pale mauve). If you do then the gold/yellow trim will disappear from your front page tabs, search box and sidebar (on all on pages other than the front page) too.



    Thanks for that, but you seemed to have misunderstood.

    I mean the entire background of the sidebar has filled with yellow!

    It’s fine on other pages i.e. white background with the delightful orange spice trim, just not on this one page.

    In IE it views fine, but in my FF it goes wrong.




    Yes, I know the entire sidebar changes colour on the archived pages because I have used this theme too.


    I’m sorry, I don’t follow. Why does it change colour on archieved pages? What constitutes an archieved page?



    I guess the designer made it that way. The “trim” colour you choose becomes the background colour in the sidebar for all pages other than the front page. I find the gold background colour to be one that causes absolutely no difficulties for me when it comes to visibility.



    All pages that aren’t a front page are archive pages.


    But I don’t understand because I have nearly 40 something pages and it only happens on this one page. Also, it doen’t happen when I view it in IE6? How does that work?



    WEIRD. If you put the page link here and I’ll look at it in firefox2. It that the firefox version you used to see the colour? Or did you use

    OOPS! Rats! Yes I did use the link in the first post you made and again just now too. The sidebar is yellow in fiirefox2.


    There’s a link in my first post to the page that’s the problem. If you look at any other pages they appear with a white bg in the sidebar.



    I’m sorry about that stupid post the link again confusion. I have looked at it and it’s exactly the same as I remember from when I had regulus as a theme on a couple of my blogs too (orange spice). Every once in awhile I would get a coloured sidebar (orange spice). IMO the bottom line here is you are probably not going to be able to change it without purchasing a css upgrade. You can contact the theme designer here


    So is it showing with a yellow bg to you as well? drmike said he saw it as a white bg in IE.



    SHEESH- someone has got to be playing backend games or we are both going bonkers. When you first posted this morning I used the links and the sidebar background was “gold” (orange spice). A few moments ago I used it again twice to answer your posts and both times it was “gold” (orange spice). Well, I just used it now and it had miraculously changed to white.

    …hmmm is that Mark I hear snickering in the background or is it the six apart gremlins?


    yeah, I think I will leave it a few days and check again. I think it must be some gremlins in the system! Root them out!!


    Back to white for me now!

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