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Something to do with Post

  1. Ok, so I changed one of my posts, on my phone, and then I logged onto my computer and this is what it said:

    'The Countdown is Over! 2011 is Here' (title)

    What is the [Standard] thing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Were you using one of the phone apps like the iPhone app, or the Blackberry app, etc?

  3. Yeah, I was using the iPhone app. Sorry for replying so late.

  4. I might be wrong but I think some of those apps have some pre-filled text in the fields (as a kind of guide what to enter in them) which you need to make sure you delete before you enter text so it's just left from when you filled out the field.

    If there was no text there before, it may just be a glitch in the app.

  5. No, they don't have any pre-filled text - I had the post published before opening it on my iPhone, I edited a bit of it, then when I logged onto the computer it said that.

  6. --Thanks anyways

  7. Try the official iPhone app website at There is a forum there and hopefully someone will be able to give you a clue on why this has happened.

  8. Ok. Thanks

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