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Something up with Andreas09?

  1. Something funky has happened with my page over the past hour; columns are overlapping, the pages which are usually listed horizontally under my blog title are now vertical, my dashboard is barely visible, and so on. I checked some other WordPress blogs I read and it seems to only be happening with the Andreas09 theme I use. Any help or info would be great! Thanks.

  2. Yep! The formatting of my Andreas09 template is also affected. Good to know that it's not something I have inadvertently done. Have you sent a Feedback in?

  3. So.. You're Andreaso9? Anyways... Go to Presentation>widget, and take everything. Look at the forum, i gave a better explanation already.

  4. Sorry, can't see your explanation - what topic heading is it under? Anyhoo, all seems to have resolved now, at least for me and hope goodbuds is sorted, too.

  5. I don't know.. I'll look it up. I forgot ^^

  6. Should have known WordPress folks would resolve this quickly...thanks! (And thanks meagenda and serversblog.) I wonder if walking away from my Lotto ticket for a few minutes (as I did walking away from the puter for a few minutes, then coming back to everything fixed) might have the same results. ;)

  7. Well.. Just today, I wanted to quit WordPress because my page was ruined. Nobody knew how to fix it. But some dude on the forum ( corneli ) he helped me. ^^

  8.'s glitchy again. Categories displaying in boxes where they should be text on background colour only. Using default Andreas09 with no additional widgets and in default mode Categories should not display as boxes.

  9. @megagenda
    Volunteers on the forum do not have back end access to blogs and some like serverblog lack experience with wordpress software. If this situation persists then you must contact staff directly

  10. Thank you, makes me feel good. =(

  11. @serversblog
    No insult was intended. You simply haven't been around long enough to know how things work as yet but you're a quick learner and that's good. Those of us who are experienced are online and we can handle these questions.
    Relax ... blog lots ... and be happy. :)

  12. I read a lot of guides ^^
    I just like to help. =/

  13. I know you want to help and that's a good thing. But we are not short of helpers on the forum and what your blog needs is a Google ranking. That means is that your time is best spent on writing blog posts and promoting your blog. :)

    P.S. This is strictly a support forum so I won't be chatting here any more. The off-topic forum is for chat. ;)

  14. I have plenty of time.. ^^

  15. @timethief
    If these formatting issues haven't resolved in next 48 hours, I will contact staff. At least I know that this is something which is affecting other users of Andreas09 and not specific to my own blog and that is helpful to know.

    No I am not Andreas09, I am using Andreas09 template. If you were familiar with Andreas09 you would know that when using this three column template "out of the box", it comes with a number of widgets as standard in both the Left and the Right Sidebar. None of these standard widgets are actually displayed in the L and R sidebar boxes in the Presentation> Widget section. So there are ***no*** widgets to take out of either sidebar if something is displaying incorrectly when using only the Widgets supplied in default mode.

    You can of course customise your choice of widgets, change the order in which they display in the two sidebars and whether they display on the L or the R Sidebar by dragging from the "available widget" area. The action of dragging an additional widget, for example, adding a Text widget to the top of the L Sidebar, clears the L Sidebar of all default widgets (but leaves R Sidebar intact, in default Mode). It is then necessary to drag back Categories and Archives from the "Available Widget" selector. But in Andreas09, when Categories and Archives are added via the selector, they display as boxes not as text on background. This means that they take up far more room down the sidebar. My default is currently displaying Categories (but not Archives) as boxes - this is incorrect for the defalt mode of Andreas09. So your suggestion "Go to Presentation>widget, and take everything..." is not appropriate as there is nothing displaying to take out in standard mode. It might be possible to correct this by dragging in Categories and Archives, saving changes, then dragging them out again. It may then revert to standard display. But you cannot take out what ain't there in the first place!

  16. Just thought I should add this information for those who are trying to diagnose the problem above and possibly rule out problems with the template itself. Last week I Googled: "Blogger Vs WordPress" and found this site: and the excellent Andreas09 template. After five minutes of looking at the template and browsing the WordPress features I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress and created two blogs, one private and one public. I then set up the Andres09 template on my private blog with additional widgets including text and images, customized links, stats, RSS and numerous additional pages. Since the first day of using this template I have had no problems at all, it runs perfectly. The only issue I had was with my public blog where the privacy settings seem to turn on and off intermittently, friends have reported not being able to view my public blog, but I do not think that has anything to do with the template. I hope this information helps you....

  17. Staff tend not to hang out in the forums, so any help you can give them with bugfixing needs to be directed through feedback. If you look on the contact page you can see that the problems with Andreas09 are a known issue that is currently being worked on.

  18. I am here a lot. Really I am.

  19. That may be true but it's not for the other staff members.

  20. You would be surprised how much of this forum is read by Matt, Barry and myself let alone the rest of the team. Just because we aren't posting does not mean we are not reading.

  21. Just to update, I have been working with the Andreas09 template all afternoon without any problems at all. I have finally got my blog up and running and I'm really pleased with it. I cant thank you guy's enough (The WordPress team), WordPress is truly awesome! It just blows Blogger out of the water, but the key to this success for me is not just the mind blowing functionality but also the excellent layout and design of the Andreas09 template, without it WordPress would not work anywhere near as well for me. In addition, a couple of my friends have just signed up, again using the Andreas09 template with no problems at all. Thanks again WordPress team :)

  22. I'm always interested in what it is about each theme that draws people to them; if you have the time, would you mind explaining just what it is about Andreas09 that you like? It certainly has its loyalists, and I'd like to understand better why.

  23. I will probably write a short post about the Andreas09 template sometime soon as it is relevant to my fellow students. The main reasons for my use of the template are: 1.The body and content of the page is 100% of the browser window, this draws you in and you feel more involved in the page, the effect is rather like watching a movie on widescreen TV in full widescreen mode rather than using the 4:3 aspect ratio. 2.The columns are fixed which is great because you wouldn't want widgets bleeding all over the screen when the browser window is resized, but the main content, or element one is completely fluid, which enables it to be read on devices with small screens such as PDA's etc. 3.The layout of the template, with header, footer, central content and columns either side follows the Sklar screen map perfectly. 4.The location of the navigation bar for pages etc also fits within the Sklar screen map and feels very natural, it is easy to see because it is usually the second element that your eye scans when reading the page. Hope that helps....

  24. Thanks, very enlightening. I appreciate the time you've taken to respond in such detail.

  25. There's certainly something special about Andreas09. A few months ago, I found a site offering free XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant website templates and for some reason the Andreas09 one caught my fancy.

    It just 'works'.

    (P.S. I'm new around here and to blogging in general. So I don't know if there's a connection to the template I mentioned and the one which this thread is about.)

  26. If you look here -> Presentation ->Themes -> Andreas09 then you will find the theme as adapted to run on this multi-user blogging platform. It may not be exactly the same as what you expect. Try it out and see.

  27. @ancientscribe
    Yes, Andreas09 is special and your blog looks so good in the Blue colour option that I'm tempted to switch from Black. Both Andreas, the designer, and Anslie (who developed Andreas09 for WP usage) have sites, if you would like to express your appreciation. What's not to like about Andreas09? I provide material for a patient community many of whom suffer visual and cognitive impairment. I appreciate the extra width of the line measure for longer posts but on some screens the default font size is a little on the small side. Even with Text size increased from browser this still gives a large number of words per line - often twice what I would aim for if I were designing for print. I'd like to see a slightly larger default font size, otherwise, this is one of the most flexible and visually appealing designs and with horizontal tabs and a three column layout, it feels and functions a little more like a webpage than a blog. Perhaps glitch in display of Categories will be resolved today.

  28. Question: How does Jaya Jha get the "Categories" to appear in those elegant little boxes on the site ?

    I read what meagenda wrote ["in Andreas09, when Categories and Archives are added via the selector, they display as boxes not as text on background. This means that they take up far more room down the sidebar."] but couldn't seem to get my lima-bean sized brain to grasp it. :c

    I have always adored this theme (never saw any other that drew me away). However, recently I see the "Recent Comments" that are listed on the left column under "Categories" are over-running the right edge of their column? This is in Firefox.

    (If I had a complaint about Andreas09 it would be the tendency for it to go askew in IE5 as used on old i-Macs.)

    Grateful to wordpress community and to Andreas Viklund and Ainslie Johnson.


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