Something weird goingon…..

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    There are some posts in the support forum which, when I press the inactive indicator go straight to my message history. I have not posted to these threads in hours.
    Here is one;
    Is this another imposter at work.

    Jess. .



    Click inactive in the sidwbar. It’s a long standingg come and go glitch.



    **headesk** sidebar not “sidwbar”


    Ah, right. Thanks timethief. :)



    What I do is click the “member” link under the username if I’m looking for the blog.


    Yes, that’s what I was trying to do but it just went to my msg history. Never mind, I don’t think for one moment it’s dodgy. Thanks anyway TT.


    Er… it’s not that, TT, as I got the same thing, and I know about the ‘inactive’ problem. What is happening in my thread (the ‘true love for supportbot’ one, which is a humor thread) is someone’s posted two comments, there is no username at all visible so just a default icon no actual gravatar, and clicking the ‘inactive’ (or ‘member’ should that appear) goes to my own profile here in the forums, just as when jessie clicked it, it went to hers. Very odd.

    (By the way I’ve noticed the ‘inactive’ link come up on my comments in the forums when I’ve used the forums and have been logged out. I wonder if that’s what’s happening to others?)

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