Something weird happens when blockquoting.

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    Occasionally when I end a blockquote when writing a post something weird happens to the screen. Here is a screenshot. It doesn’t seem to cause any problems, but it is weird. I would appreciate some help if anyone knows why this is happening.

    To be specific, when I end the blockquote, this happens to the screen and it goes away when I scroll up or down or press a key. Again, it isn’t really a problem, but I would really like to know what is happening. I did look around the WordPress support website and did Google searches and I couldn’t find anything similar.

    The blog I need help with is



    That is odd indeed. What browser and version are you using?


    Thanks for the reply. I am using Google Chrome 18.



    Have you tried using Chrome with all extensions and add-ons disabled? Have you tried using Firefox or Safari to isolate whether or not this is a browser issue?


    I tried to get it to happen again in Internet Explorer and Chrome 18 (with extensions enabled) but couldn’t. It only happens sporadically (I at least can’t perceive any pattern)… which would make it difficult to test (the only way I would know if it was a browser issue is if it happened in another browser, and I am not about to start using a different browser with regularity).



    The only way Staff can help you is if they are able to duplicate the issue using the same operating system and the same browsers and versions of them that you are using.


    I am writing a post at the moment, and this happened again. I turned off all of my extensions and tried closing the blockquote in the same spot, and it still happened. So I know it isn’t an extension. Then I opened Safari, copied and pasted what I had written, and tried closing the blockquote. It didn’t happen. So, while I can’t be completely sure, I have reason to believe it is an issue with my browser. That is about the depth of my computer knowledge, so I have no idea how to investigate further.

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