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    I’ve been following this blog for over a year (Father Z’s Blog-WDTPRS?) And for some reason I can’t comment like I used to. I get this -pop up? link? message?-whatever,
    saying. “You’re posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” since when did you guys suddenly become Big Brother?



    Hello there,
    I’m a Volunteer and not Staff. I have not experienced this as yet. Staff have made aome Recent Updates to Commenting so perhaps they added that prompt when they made those changes.



    Also note that when you have a specific question about a specific blog like “Father Z’s Blog-WDTPRS” it would be helpful if you actually posted an active link starting with http://

    I just did that and the blog you complain about is not a free hosted blog. It’s a install powered by > exactly as stated in the footer of it and you are posting to the wrong support forum

    For clarity please read > vs.



    Sorry for the mistake. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought they were both connected.



    But how can I complain to about this? I went to their homepage an it’s all about the download, etc. In other words it’s for users, not blog followers. Nothing to help me know why I’m getting that statement when I comment. Sorry if I sound stupid.



    I’m sorry I’m not clear. I don’t want to download, I want to complain about what they’re doing on blogs I follow. The link you gave me has no contact or anything. Can you be more specific? I want to comment when I want.



    Why don’t you ask the person who runs ‘Father Z’s Blog-WDTPRS?’ if they have changed or added anything to their blog which might be causing this? users have control of their own sites and is not responsible for them.



    I need help here this is getting me angry. I KNOW i’m not in the right place, but THE LINK YOU GAVE ME IS WRONG! I want blog follwing. I want to know why They won’t let me comment! NOT how to download/create, etc.



    I asked him. He said he didn’t know. He said other’s have been getting that. SOMETHINGG’S wrong.


    Here’s a link to their forum, maybe you can post a new topic there. People here in can’t help you anymore than they have. Sorry.



    That didn’t work. It says my username doesn’t exist. I use that name when I follow the blog. I sign in to it all the time. I want the link for those who FOLLOW the blogs not run them. If you don’t have it, fine. But you should. I don’t understand why you use the same name and don’t know all the links.


    maixv – I know it’s frustrating but your comment here “if you don’t have it, fine. But you should. I don’t understand why you use the same name and don’t know all the links” is not accurate as none of us currently answering questions here on this forum are staff and none of us have anything to do with which hosts the blog you’re having problems with. (Sometimes staff do answer questions here – but only on stuff to do with blogs, and you’ll be able to tell at a glance when a staff member is responding to you as below their username, it will say ‘staff’ instead of ‘member’). They rarely respond to a topic in this forum unless they think they can help. If they’ve not responded it will most likely mean that they can’t help.

    However, it might help you to understand the workings of this forum if you read the important sticky post, here:

    Okay, now what I know from what you’ve said here and what Timethief has said, too, is this:

    The blog you’re referring to is self-hosted software. The owner (administrator) of the blog will have a certain amount of control over how his blog works and if something is going wrong with it, it’s his responsibility to find out what’s wrong and to fix it. He can contact – if he knows how to (I don’t and few if any of the volunteers here will know either) or he can contact the site that hosts his blog (whatever that is). If he doesn’t know what’s wrong, then he needs to find out. Nobody here is responsible or likely to have any knowledge (even Staff here as this is a different platform) of how to fix it from the end. Understand that not all blogs associated with WordPress are the same: is different from, troubleshooting what applies to one does not apply to the other.

    You – and I – are blogging on which hosts our sites, so anything that is going wrong on our own blogs (NOT on a blog) is either to do with us or the site itself. So here are some options:

    If the fault is to do with the other blog (the one you mentioned that’s not yours) then there’s nothing you can personally do nor is there anything that or anyone who uses or helps in these forums here can do. You’ve either got to persuade the WDTPRS person to do something about it, or just give up. (Not easy, I know.)

    The alternative is to look at whether there is something wrong at your end, and my guess is that’s more likely – for instance, you could try clearing your cache (clear history and cookies, etc) and then try commenting on the blog again. If that doesn’t work, it might be something to do with the browser you’re using so you could try changing to a different browser.

    Looking at the message you got, I’ve had that a couple of times here on blogs (but not on ones) and it’s literally been when I’ve posted one comment directly after another too fast – the browser hasn’t had time to catch up. What I’ve done then is clear my recent history, delete all my and Gravatar cookies (which logs me out, too, so I have to log back in again and you’d have to as well if you try this) and then try commenting again.

    I hope some of this gives you food for thought. There’s nothing more I can say, as I think the problem is in an area that either you can do something about via your own browser, or something that you can’t do anything about at all – and nor can anyone here.

    Good luck.



    I’m sorry. I’m not sure what to do do now. I know you can’t help. But the problem IS NOT with my browser. If it were, it wouldn’t let me comment on other blogs, too. I contacted the administrator again, that’s all I can do. As for using the same username, I thought I could, but I don’t know how I couldn’t. sorry I’m so ignorant.
    The phrase(or whatever, I don’t know what to call it) “You’re posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” does not come from my browser, I can tell you that. Why do people assume it’s your cache and cookies all the time, anyway? I know is not responsible. But, I can’t find help on the other. It does however show here the 2 blogs I follow, and one is the one I’m having trouble. I can’t re register to WordPress. org if I already am following one of their blogs under a different name. And why does that blog appear on my profile here as a blog I follow, if it’s not connected with here? You may not be able to help, but don’t blame it on my cache. I know what I saw. and if I could screensave it to prove it to you, I would. If you can’t help, give me a few outside links that won’t cost me to ask them. Like i said I’ve already contacted the administrator.



    We cannot help.

    He is using a type of WordPress software that is different from the type we are using here. Something has changed on his end, and we can’t help you with that.



    Thanks, Like I said I informed him. Sorry I was so hard on you. I do clear my browser often; it just didn’t look like a google Chrome problem. I apologize for getting so wound up. I love to follow this blog and now I can’t comment. Not your fault. Thanks for the help.


    I did a search for you (which, actually, you could have done for yourself) on Google, with the phrase you mentioned in your original question and it brought up a lot of helpful results, however rather than give you those results I’d like you to find out for yourself, so please copy and paste the following phrase (in double quotes) into Google search:

    “You’re posting comments too quickly. Slow down”

    That will probably give you the answers you want. Possibly not a link, but the actual answers to why it’s happening.

    If it doesn’t? Nothing more we can do.

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