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sons if thunder patron

  1. I pretty much write about anything that comes to my mind, usually emotionally, or educationally related. I love God, and write what I believe that He has given me in the way of understanding, and reasoning, of His plan of salvation in a series that is called, ( Roll the Stone Away) I also have a research study book started. ( Sons of Enoch ) It's about the emerging questions in our generation, 2012/Mayan Calender/NASA/ Bible Prophecy/ and many other areas of interest such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and other ancient sites around the world, which were apparently built with the assistance of planetary alignments. I have loaded a few Videos, as they pertain to the subject matter as they arise in my extensive research on the subject matter of that book. I also love to write poetry, and spent a large part of my life writing songs. The most recent thing that I have posted, and decided to maybe do on a more regular bases, is to post one of the songs that I wrote several years ago. Other than that,,, well, I guess I also have a few post which could be classified as personal gripes, or, just venting well, as a few current news events, and world stage occurrences as I see them pertaining to Bible Prophecy, and end time signs. I do hope that you will drop by and spend a little time on the site, all visits will certainly be reciprocated. And, don't shy away from leaving an honest heart felt comment, or opinion. I have thick skin, and, well, I have been known to post what I honestly think about others views, post, or opinions on other sites myself. Have Fun.

    The blog I need help with is

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