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SOPA -are you joining the protest

  1. So who has joined this protest by turning on the blackout on your blog (or other markings)?

    I do support non-censorship --in so far, to keep big media players at bay and other reasons.

    But I still would like others to read my blogs....with 1 of them, clearly an international outreach.

    I am also aware we have forum members here who are blogging from countries, that already exercise some degree of censorship / at least have more limited media sources/ Internet monitoring. I still would like to read their stuff and they read my stuff.

    Maybe I'm selfish or just dense..but .I remember getting letters that seemed tampered occasionally from Communist mainland China where some relatives lived. This was noticeable in the 1970's. I'm just saying...'cause I'm not totally naive about censorship, Big Brother, etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As an American citizen and a blogger who uses pop culture references and images on my blog, I would like very much not to be arrested or fined for that. My site will be blacking out at 8 am EST.

    Even if you are not American, this legislation will have worldwide implications and effect websites who's servers lie outside of the United States. I think everyone can should join the fight.

  3. evelynyvonnetheriault

    I'm a Canadian blogger joining the blackout tomorrow and my message will be in both English and French so and explain that the legislation will affect all Canadian websites since their IP addresses are under American control.
    Of course in the long run the danger is in the pressure that U.S. legislators can put on foreign governments to pass the same kind of laws.
    I thank the Volunteers on this board who posted links where I found this information.

  4. evelynyvonnetheriault

    Follow up to above -
    Of course I will not be blogging out my elementary school site to which my user name above is linked, but rather my personal site (A Canadian Family).

  5. I will be joining. This is america and the last time I just checked we believe in rights and freedom of speech...

  6. This is the internet and it is international. They have no right to stifle the world's speech.

  7. Meh, I dont care.

    As long as im still alive and healthy, I could care less.

  8. @jm,
    That would make you a good candidate for Chinese or North Korean citizenship.

    No, wait a sec. In the former you wouldn't be healthy, because industry routinely poisons the environment, and in the latter, you'd be malnourished.

    But try blogging about it as a citizen, and see where it would get you!

  9. I'm Blacking out my Journalism Site, and one of my other sites... and putting Black Ribbons on two of my other sites


  10. Meh no, Im sure its super important but it's another reason why England is infinitely better :P Plus whose actually going to notice I've blacked out my blog anyway.

  11. As long as im still alive and healthy, I could care less.

    Nice attitude. But didn't you mean you could NOT care less? If you could care less, then that must mean you care to some degree.

  12. I along with friends run a multi-author blog from India, but we use WP for our hosting,last month,Indian Government also tried to censor posts on FB,Twitter,but it was meet by uproar from Netizens.

    Today we will also join Protest,because we Believe Free Internet is the fundamental Right of every citizen in this earth.

    our Site-

  13. I joined after checking out the 2 different choices to display protest markings. However I advocate freedom of speech with responsibility/civility without hurting anyone physically.

  14. "turning on blackout"?

    I just uploaded only black pictures with a text and links for further reading ...

    Feel free to copy the black pictures etc. if you want to do something similar and don't want to make them yourselves ;)

  15. just found the option for turning it off etc. :)

  16. kennethmarkhoover

    I do not support SOPA or PIPA, but instead of blacking out my blog and other social venues I will speak out against them today.

  17. theinsanityaquarium

    I'm joining the protest by showing the banner on my site. It might not affect me if the idea comes into reality as I live in Britain, but I am so against censorship. The Big Brother-esque state that America so opposed during the Cold War is essentially what they'll be recreating. Removing people's freedom in this way is just terrifying.

  18. I've just turned the rinnon on. I think I missed the blackout date due to tconfusion over the time zones.

    I'm in Australia and I've already been censored by Facebook when trying to publish WP posts to FB and there is nothing on my site that deserves censorship, so my concern is about stupid automated censorship which would be ridiculous.

  19. Yes.

  20. oops! I forgot to say I'm using the ribbon and also changed my blogging tips blog wearing Twenty Eleven to the dark version of the theme.

  21. It's my day off... and since I still wanted to post things... and still get visited by my regulars.. I went with using the banner.

    Nice... unobtrusive... but I still think it sends the right message.

  22. josephvincent37

    I wrote to my congressman and urged him to fight the bill. Will it work? Who knows. After all, I live in a country that continues to ratify that god damn Patriot Act. The age of America has come and past. Get ready for the sound of jackboots marching down your street. :(

  23. I wrote a rant about it on my blog.
    Stupid me didn't realize how easy it was to have blacked out my blog GRRR all I had to do was press a button. Oh well.
    I support the protest!

  24. Joseph, I first visited USA in about 2001, maybe 2002 - I'd have to check my passport stamps - I could hear the jackboots then. As soon as I heard the radio in the airport bus, I heard political propoganda, not actual news. I immediately thought of "1984".

  25. theinsanityaquarium

    @teamoyeniyi: My thoughts exactly, hence my 'Big Brother' comment earlier! It's almost unthinkable that such censorship can even cross the mind in such a 'democratic' society.

    And in other news, I made this for myself. Nothing says it better than internet humour.

  26. phoenixtearsheal

    Another ribbon up from England here

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