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Sorry, blog names must have letters too?

  1. I wish blog names can be numbers only.

  2. Your best bet is to submit a feedback to staff and see what they say about it. :)

    Top right corner of your Dashboard, mon-fri 9am-5pm PST.

  3. carocat: they took the top right bit off for quite some time already. i guess there was too many support requests? ;) this is the link, opening times as carocat has said above.

  4. Really? I had that coming up last week?

  5. I have it on the top left, under My Account.

  6. the top right one, it's missing for me for months already. the one ellaella mentioned, i have. i think it's random, cos i have a home link widget while i've heard others who can't find this widget in their widgets page... *shrugs*

  7. Blog names cannot have just numbers.

    - blue bar as ellaella says
    - inside the blog on top right
    - the form directly

    The preferred way - and the one we are trying to improve - is from inside the blog. That gives some subjects which might be covered. It's not so much too many, but too many that are really easily found in the faq.

  8. i don't have the feedback form from inside the blog for months already...

  9. It's called Support - should be a tab on the top right? It was getting so much support through it so we changed the name and changed the function.

  10. nope nothing from the wp bar, nor when i enter dashboard.

  11. hey, they don't even allow users to have meaningfull/readable blog names (in view of the limited namespace), because hyphens (dashes) are banned due to developers whimsy.

    and you want them to allow numbers only, crazy eh? ;-)

  12. I don't see a support tab either.

  13. I do, and it's there whenever support is open.

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