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Sorry, but are some tags gone?

  1. Actually it was out of curiousity that I found some of my postings missing when I click the tags of the postings.

    I don't know how wordpress tags work. Isn't that I tag a category, say, 'wordpress' then I should find that posting of mine when I press the tag 'wordpress'?



  2. The posts we write that we assign "categories" and "tags" to are in turn posted in excerpt form on the tag pages. There we find them under the categories and tags in order of the date/timestamps. I noticed that your posts do not have categories assigned to them hence, they will all be filed in the default category on the tag pages which is "uncategorized".

  3. Not on tags - but are Stats graphs gone too? That was an excellent feature

  4. @irwordpress

    This thread is about "tags". It is not about rss feed stats. The feed stats were inaccurate and were retired months ago. They may be introduced again but we don't know when. You can confirm this by using the forum searchbox.

  5. Hi Time!

    What I mean is the posting with various categories. As ERC has threatened to send lawyer, I have a posting tagged 'ERC'. But when I press that tag, I discover no posting of mine was found in the list.

    I am most interested to understand what's going on.

    Anyway, here's a reminder to all bloggers who are threatened with legal action to come together. Anyway, regretably, my case is indeed super-hilarious. OMG.

    In case WordPress has received any threats due to this, my apology, but also pls contact me immediately.



  6. @tt-only the post of November 23 is listed as Uncategorized. IF you click on any of the other recent posts listed in Scopes sidebar, they have categories (!) assigned to them.

    @scopettg-As far as those posts tagged with ERC being found in the Tag Browser pages, it's not under our control what appears there.

    As far your request for to contact you if was threatened, I think this information would be more appropriately sent to and not simply posted in the forums where anyone "in charge" might or might not see it. The forums are populated by volunteers. Good luck with your case.

  7. Hi Jennifer,


    Actually, there is a certain difference in Singapore blogging where foreign hosts, outside Singapore ie, is concerned.

    Because in Singapore, because of one important senior statesman's philosophy, there is a need to observe non-interventionist stance where Singapore shall apply. Which is why we blog on common sense, not freedom of speech.

    However, lawyers in Singapore or outside may not understand this.

    If any foreign blog hosts have received such threat, kindly email me asap. I don't think it is appropriate to email Mark on this.


  8. We would not remove a tag page.

    You have a lot of tags on some posts. Reducing using so many will help.

    Your feed number of 100 is not good. It is better at 10.

  9. OIC. 100 is like what? You mean many tags (or category things) in one posting?
    I'd cut down to 10 as a standard then when posting.


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