Sorry, but what you’re looking for is not here?

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    Hi. I’ve a problem. I uploaded files about a month ago. And then I uploaded more today, but when I am not logged in(or people who are not me), cannot see certain files. Let me clarify. The thumbs are available. The files are still on the server. They show up. But when you click on the link to take you to another page, they say ‘Sorry, but what you’re looking for is not here’. What’s up? Here’s my site.

    Try clicking on any of the images except for the last two. THanks!



    Did you publish the pages, did you put a password on it and do you have the right page slug name exactly to you your link?

    That’s what I can think of.
    Hope this helps



    check the links, after visiting you,rlinking is ery strange for an outstander, so check them all is a good way.



    Actually you have a number of issues here.

    1 – For some reason, you’re using https:// for a lot of your links. You only need to be using http:// for your links. This just creates confusion for your viewer as it means you’re going from normal security to secure in a visitor’s browsers and that usually kicks out a warning for them. They might not like that or understand it.

    2 – If you look at your links, the broken ones are links to where you’ve told WordPress to ‘link to a page’ when you first wrote the article. An example I did with one of your pictures is here. Note when you click on the bookcover, it leads you to a Post with the, in this case smaller, image within the theme. If you click again, it then leads you to the full size picture.

    Somehow, you’ve deleted these Posts. Not sure how you did it actually since these Posts don’t show up on your Dashboard -> Manage -> Manage Posts page. Using my example, I don’t see Post #2704. It’s just used internally.

    Best bet would be to just go back through and directly link to the image like it is with the other pictures in the Post.

    Hope this helps,

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