Sorry for repetition but my first thread on Asides seems to have disappeared.

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    Why is there an aside beside my blog post?

    I have replied to both Timethief and Raincoaster that I cant change the format of my post as it doesnt seem to be an option on my flowerpower theme (yet the Aside is still showing up beside one of my latest posts in the dashboard).

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Thank you raincoaster, but can you tell me if I need to be switching from flowerpower to bouquet, to solve the Formats problem?

    By the way bulk editing doesnt work for me either. Quick edit does but bulk edit doesnt.



    Switch themes momentarily to one with different post formats, then set the posts to Standard format, then switch back to your old theme.



    And don’t EVER use the New Post button on the admin bar; it creates asides no matter what theme you use.



    Also I think the New Post Button on the Admin bar will sometimes send your new Post into oblivion to be lost forever


    Thank you for the suggestion Raincoaster and for the response Auxclass. I will try that change of theme.

    As an aside, (haha), why bother putting a New Post button on the admin bar then if that`s what happens? And if, as auxclass says, it sometimes sends your new post into oblivion (which never happened to me by the way).


    Update on that:

    I switched temporarily to Bouquet and went into the dashboard. I was able to change the post type of the post in question to standard (as that theme seems to support it). So then I changed back to my flower power theme. So I think its resolved now as long as I dont post from the place you mention.

    I noticed by the way that the bulk edit option did not work in Bouquet either.


    So thanks : )



    You’re welcome.

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