“Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” after posting/editing

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    For the last 24 hours every time I create a new post and click on ‘view site’ or I edit a previous post and click ‘Save’ I get a message coming up on the site which states “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”. A quick refresh of the browser window then brings up the missing post.

    This has only been happening in the last 24 hours and I am not doing anything different to what I have done before, and I clear my Firefox browser cache every time I close the program down.

    Any ideas ?



    I’m seeing 2 posts dated Jan 26 and 6 from Jan 25. Is that incorrect?



    Same thing here. Happens when I want to preview a post I’m writing. Also, sometimes but randomly, when I click to a single post’s page.



    Could you be more specific about which posts? What are the titles of the posts in question? And the Preview doesn’t work until the draft has been autosaved or you hit Save and Continue Editing.

    If you could give us the exact URLs, and where you were trying to click on them FROM, that would be even more helpful. I found an error today when I tried to click from Most Recently Updated.



    This is the other thread. You might find the info useful:



    Until I hit Save and Continue Editing there’s no Preview button, so I definitely did that. Now, if I go to my blog, it looks like the first post is not shown — randomly. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. The post title always shows up in the Most Recent Posts list on the left side.

    It’s coming and going with different posts. May be hard to replicate.

    One way I found to replictate it: From the main page I click to edit an already published post (anyone on the main page), in the editor I click save — this brings me back to my main page and the last, uppermost post (not the one edited) is missing.


    kamenin is seemingly experiencing exactly the same as my good self.

    When I post a new story, it does not appear at the top of the blog after pressing Publish until I refresh the browser.

    When I edit an existing post, after pressing save, I get returned to the blog post but am told ‘Sorry no posts matched your criteria’. I then have the refresh the browser for it to appear.

    This happened on all edits, and indeed happened again today with the uppermost posting (Crew Wars – League Game 32).

    I can only think it’s something cache related, but my Firefox/Ubuntu combo doesn’t have this problem anywhere else.


    Just to add, the same thing happens when editing pages too, so not just restricted to posts – eg Crew Rankings page (under Crew Information heading) is updated daily



    I’m wondering if there might be a server slowdown on the WP.com side of things. We can’t know until staff posts.

    So, this happens to all posts? Can you let us know the URL in the Recent Posts widget for a blog post that doesn’t show up? There might be a problem with it.


    The posts do show up, but you have to refresh the browser window first.



    I have exactly the same problem : For two days, I have always gotten the error message “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” after posting/editing a new or even an older post.

    More serious : for two days my readers have not seen the new posts when connecting to my blog.
    One can see them only by clicking on button “Home”.

    As a result, for two days new posts have not appeared in the stats : not even one page of them has been read.

    I think it is a new bug.


    This is still happening. After editing the page shown in the address bar I get the same message. Only until I refresh the browser does the missing info appear



    I too am getting the exact same problem when either editing existing posts or posting new posts, refresh the firefox browser and the post appears – someone who checks my postings via RSS feeds tells me that they are seein gexactly the same thing, they click the RSS link and see the “sorry no posts match your criteria” message – again this all started on Saturday.



    Contact staff directly before they close for the day in 45 minutes.



    Me also. I hadn’t worried about it, just refreshed the page and kept going. I thought it might be something behind the scenes and was going to wait it out until I saw this post.

    I’ll check in the morning to see if it’s still happening.



    Another problem : the same bug occurs with “Preview” after editing ; I always get the error message “”Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”.


    This has now been fixed for me – marked as resolved :)



    Mine too! Sometimes, if you can afford to wait it out, a problem just goes away. If only life were like that. ;-)



    This bug is fixed now :-)
    Thank you

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