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    HELP, I was adding photos to a post for tomorrow and I can see the text and photo in the dashboard, then I want to “view post” so that I know where to place th next photo and instead of showing me the text and photo’s I get a blank wordpress page with the message

    “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

    I’m trying to fix this before I got to bed soon and it would normally be posting in a few hours…

    Noooooooo…. come on, please tell me that it should post as usual tonight????? ( text ad photos etc)

    What can I do to view my post please?

    ( and yes I have make a back-up of the text just in case)

    The blog I need help with is


    If you are talking about previewing from within the post editor, try saving (not publishing the post) before clicking preview.



    Hi TSP,

    By ” saving” do you mean hitting “Update” ? .. the post is on the Schedule for tomorrow and everything looks ok, in the post editor, I just can’t view it after hitting “update” ( and usually I can see it to check it.)

    does that make sense?



    Yes, hitting UPdate.

    There was some glitch last night with posting and permalinks. Try it now and see if it’s okay.



    Hi RC,

    Yes usually I have my posts on the Schedule pre-dated and always
    set to post at the same time. (01:00)

    I type in text (or import it) and then I can add the photos as I
    get them organised, tweek text I’ve had time to think about etc.

    I usually hit ” update” and then “view post” as this seems to
    load faster than ” preview” then I can see where I need to
    space the photos into the text esp if I’m putting them left and right and the text is wrapping around them.

    Then it’s a matter of checking, last view and update and it will
    post on it’s own .. last night nothing was showing at all after hitting ” view post” but it was all there in the page editor.

    Techno dummies like me tend to panic when we see this..

    It “seems” at first glance to be working ok this morning and the post DID posta automatically as usual last night.. (yeahhh!)

    basically I’m usually worried that it’s something I could have stuffed up and not the system LOL

    Thanks to you both I at least didn’t panic too much LOL.

    Cheers!!! Thanks for the responses, appreciate you hard working folks to bits :)
    … Kiwidutch.

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