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  1. Hi,
    I would like to create a new blog with the name but keep getting the message 'sorry, that site is reserved'. When I try to visit that URL it tells me it cannot be visited as it doesn't exist & the site is reserved.

    Is there any way I can get this name for my blog? I want to upgrade to

    so, I registered under name, but when i want to upgrade domain, the ads show just what I want is using
    Blog url:

  2. When a username account is created the blog with the matching name is reserved. It's only possible to get a reserved blog if you registered the matching username.

    You can either register a blog with a name that's close to the ones you point to or you can purchase your own domain via a domain mapping upgrade.

    When mapping a domain to a free hosted blog there must be an underlying blog URL to map from. But it does not matter what the underlying blog URL is at all. No matter which URL is clicked the vistor will be seamlessly directed the domain URL and locate the content.

    As you do have the matching username this thread is flagged for Staff attention.

  3. Hold it! You already have registered the blog so I'll remove the flagging for Staff and you can go ahead and use the instructions to purchase a domain mapping upgrade.

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