"Sorry, that site is reserved!" & How do I contact Support?

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    I found my problem on this thread: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/what-does-it-mean-sorry-this-site-is-reserved

    The staffer wrote, “Contact Support with all the details. It might – but no promises – be possible to free the name.”

    How do I contact Support?

    The site I want to create is countercoulter.wordpress.com. WordPress tells me it does not exist, but is reserved.



    Well, is it reserved for you? If yes, then you can have it. If not, it’s doubtful you can. It’s reserved for https://en.forums.wordpress.com/profile/countercoulter



    Did you catch the part where the Original Poster thought that they might have set the account up?

    What the staff did was start the process to see if the OP was the same person that registered the account. The OP will get the account and name ONLY if they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the original owner – If the OP was not the original owner then they have not a chance of getting that name

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