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    Hi there. I’ve tried to follow one specific site since a few days ago, but always get this message—”Sorry, there was a problem following Please try again.”
    The problem has been reported by other users, some of which reported to have followed “many” blogs before getting the error. This is not my case, so I’m wondering whether the error comes from the site I’m trying to follow.
    I didn’t want to open a new topic on an already reported issue, but there seems to be no other way as for solving it.


    Hi there,

    Is the actual site you’re trying to follow? It appears to be down at the moment.



    Hi Darnell,

    The site is <;, but the message I get after I click the button “Follow” shows <;. Not sure what this means. Should I contact the people from the site I’m trying to follow, maybe?



    Sounds like you had a “greater than” symbol on the end of the address… it would get converted to that > thing you saw

    Try copying and pasting this into the follow field:

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    Many thanks for this useful answer, supernovia. I actually used the fewer and greater than symbols just here as parentheses—didn’t write them while managing the sites I follow. However, the URL you provided allowed me to succesfully add this site to my reading list. Thanks so much for this! =D



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