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"Sorry, you can't publish posts"

  1. That's weird. I don't post anything since 10/2010 and now I want to but it keep saying "Sorry, you can't publish posts"
    I look for the blogs I owe and it says I have no blogs of my own.
    Everything worked perfectly before, what happened? I didn't change any settings. Maybe the new interface has erased the old ones...?
    I don't find any help in the support stuff :S
    Anyone can help?

  2. we can't help without the URL of the blog, starting with http.

  3. On the main Dashboard for the site, do you have a warning of any kind there? Are you the Admin of the blog?

  4. it says:

    "User alomiguel Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested

    You are logged in as "alomiguel" and do not not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for "selector de frecuencias". If you are not "alomiguel", please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are "alomiguel" and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you."

    but I created the blog and I was the only user since the beginning, I should be the Admin, or I was...
    Even I forgot the passward and recently asked for a new one...!?

  5. You'll have to contact staff via the Dashboard Help button, I think.

  6. ok, thanx, but where? I can't find any mail or form, and seems I don't have privileges to enter any dashboard...?

  7. You can email Staff at this email address without the spaces support @

  8. Ok!

    thanx very much for your help :)

  9. The error message is telling that your another account is associated with the blog. I replied back your private support message - please try logging in using the correct username.


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