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    This feature is available as a plug in for the .org software but I am a casual user who has two blogs – one for my son’s first deployment and the second blog is our personal one with stories of our grandson. His parents have been deployed for the past 9 months and have missed out on his life and development, so I want to share it in a permanent record. It doesn’t makes sense when you read from newest to oldest. (ie. you don’t read a book backwards). Please consider adding this feature to the .com software offering. Otherwise, I have to pdf every single entry and then re-assemble over 170 entries into a book.

    The BLOG is correct to show newest posts first. I’m trying to archive it in chronological order.

    thanks kindly for considering this
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


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    You could use this information:

    However, would it not be more convenient for your family members to easily see the latest news quickly and simply first rather than scrolling or searching through older messages they have already seen?

    If you are also wanting to archive the blog, then you could look into (via Google or other search engine) how to publish your site as a book or scrapbook.

    You might also consider using an offline editor such as WindowsLive Writer so your entries would be saved to your computer. When your family returns you could organize everything in chronological order as a diary to read and remember.



    Thank you for the leads. I may be using the wrong search terms in google so I turned to the support forum.

    Yes – I agree – I want the newest posting first in my blog. But for a short period of time, I would like to reverse the order, print out the whole blog, then return it to newest posts first.

    I have not had great results composing “offline” and then pasting it in. Probably user error. And I already have almost 200 posts to deal with. Simplistic thinking, but I can “click” and my emails are instantly reversed in order – old to new or new to old. The blog should have that capability, too, on the dashboard screen.

    Thanks and I will look at the services suggested. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


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    Hmm. If you look into the folks who publish blogs into books (not inexpensive, but beautiful—via Google) they will manage per your budget.

    If you are looking to make a printed version of your blogs at home, have you looked into Print Friendly. It’s been some time since I used it, but it used to allow one to print the parts of sites you wanted without the sidebars, footers, and headers. Perhaps that would be what you want?


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    Best wishes to you and your family.



    I just added Print friendly to my Chrome tool bar. Thank you. It doesn’t solve the basic problem of chronology. One small gotcha – I just noticed that it does not preserve the layout of the images, but it is a NICE tool to have. (ie.. if I have 2 side by side images, they are stacked vertically on the Print Friendly PDF versus side by side by pdfing the actual blog entry… )

    I’ll keep looking for options. At this point, I will PDF each entry, and then combine the entries into a single large PDF file. I haven’t decided 100% to print on paper, but I do need to get the output into the right format (even if by a slow tedious process. )

    Thank you – his mother and dad will be coming home soon !

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