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    You can’t do sortable tables in HTML without client-side scripting or a server module, or both. Neither of these are allowed on

    It would be nice if you had a meta-code tag which would let users code sortable tables into their pages/posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    I went online and read what sortable tables are but I’m not a techy type so I was not clear how these could be implemented at I understand that only Staff have to comprehend what you are asking and they will, but I would appreciate it if you would explain what you want in terms us technical types may be able to grasp. What say you to that?



    Here’s an example:

    Basically, a sortable table is an HTML table that the user can sort by clicking a page element (usually in the table header).



    Thanks for posting the example. Now I know exactly what you mean. Yes this would be an excellent feature to have.



    We don’t even have an option to create tables via WYSIWYG editor. You’re asking for a Javascript which is a taboo subject here.



    Yes what you say is true but why not ask for the moon?


    As for how it could be implemented- something like:

    [table sort-style=”number;letter;alphabetic;nonsortable”]
    (actual table code goes here, with the table header containing the sort keys)



    @timethief, I can only hope one of the Happiness Engineer get to updating the Editor sometime soon. The lack of table making in the editor is a mystery to me.



    Well, I have made the decision to no longer be “attached” to the TinyMCE editor being updated and the functions we would obviously use (changing fonts, colored backgrounds, HTML tables) being introduced. It seems to me that we are expected to settle for TypeKit fonts, some themes that allow for colored backgrounds and/or image backgrounds, making our own tables and/or purchasing CSS upgrades.

    MEH … I have made so many HTML tables I can do them in my sleep and if I want fancy ones I can use free online generators. As for the rest …pfffftttt!

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