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    Perhaps I am just missing something here, but I seem to be unable to reorder my Link Categories in any order except in “Link ID” order (which is established when the category is first created and seems to be fixed and uneditable except for delete.) I have tried modifying the “sort by” choices in both the individual links and the link category list with no success. Must all link categories be deleted and recreated in desired order (and reassigned since deletion reverts links back to “blogroll”) to have them display in the desired order?



    “sort by” is for the admin pages. I believe WP defaults to alphabetical for the categories unless this is overridden within the theme. To change this from within WP, one normally makes the modification from within the theme which, of course, we can’t do this.

    I would think the best bet would be to submit a feedback and suggest that the links widget be expanded to allow this modifcation.

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