Sorting out these cursed categories!

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    So, I run this music blog and I would like to have:
    – a long list of categories, which are only the artists
    – a special list of only certain categories, which would be lists, covers, rarities etc.

    These could be in either a hierarchy based system in one widget, but it seems you can’t have categories in two different parent categories. Or it could be done using a widget, with only artists and have a separate text widget, with only the special categories. But it seems like I cannot have just one parent category as a category list. Can anyone help me?


    To me what you have realized is a shortcoming of the Categories concept. What you’re asking for is that one should be able to arrange categories in groups: this is perfectly reasonable, and already happens with links (the Links widget can have subsections, as you already know). So I think you should definitely suggest that to staff in the Ideas section of the forum: we should have category groups the way we have link groups (now unfortunately called “link categories”, which confuses things).

    The way things are now, I can think of the following:

    A. Retain the “artists” categories only, and use either a text widget or pages for the other list of links. Shortcoming: you’ll have to update this list manually each time you add a relevant post. But it can be easier than it sounds (if you use pages, you can drag-and-drop post titles).

    B. A tricky way would be retaining all categories the way you have them, create pages whose names link to the category pages, and use the Pages widget – completely removing the Categories widget. No manual updating this way. Shortcoming: you’ll need one page for each category, so with all those categories this needs a lot of work in the beginning – I don’t think it’s worth it.

    C. Just take advantage of the parent and child possibility. Two parent categories, all the rest subcategories to the one or the other. The only problem is that the two parents cannot be titles only, they have to be actual categories: so you’ll simply have to assign each post to the parent category as well.



    Yeah, I also had a similar problem to this. I wanted two category widgets: one called ‘Categories’ and one called ‘Reviews’, but the categories in the first ‘Categories’ widget were also displayed in the second ‘Reviews’ widget. I only wanted those categories to show up in the first widget, not both! So now I just have to make do by using the page widget, which is not ideal, but it’s fine.



    I’m brand new to and I came across this post while browsing the forums for tips, work arounds, limitations etc. This topic sounds like it’s something that will affect and confuse a lot of users. I only read through the A, B, C workarounds mentioned above and would love it if a expert would work through these issues and solution in more detail. Regardless, I wish everyone a Happy New Year

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