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    I’ve been following the instructions on this link.

    I have changed the sort order under widgets to page order.

    However, I am not finding any box labeled “page order” under manage > pages.
    [quote]If you wanted page Home at the top, you need to do the following:
    1. Click Manage > Pages
    2. Find the page Home and click the title Home.
    3. [u]At the bottom, look for the box labeled Page Order[/u]. Click on the triangle/arrow to expand it if you haven’t already, and put the number 1 in the box. This tells WordPress to make this the first page in the list.
    4. Save the page[/quote]

    There is no box labeled page order, and no triangle/arrow to expand it.

    I thought I had seen this before but am not sure where. Any suggestions?



    You’re right. It looks like it’s been eliminated. I looked for it under Settings->Reading as well.



    Theme issue perhaps? Each template does have its own characteristic as far as I know. Try different theme and see if it persists.


    (What are you talking about? No triangle, but yes box, and nothing to do with particular themes.)

    You go to Manage>Pages, CLICK ON THE TITLE of a specific page to get to the PAGE EDITOR, scroll way down to “Page Order”.



    I have it using theme: Pool by Borja Fernandez.



    And I have it as well.



    That is exactly what I’ve been doing.

    The issue is that my first page is the main page, but clicking the title brings up the whole page instead of the editor.

    Clicking edit from there brings up the info on the main page, not the link that I pasted into the title of the page.

    The page order box is there for the rest of the pages and is working.



    I guess I don’t understand what you are trying to do. The post page is not a page like the others. If all of the other pages are in the correct order, why would you want the home page to not be first on the list?



    By the way – quite a number of folks go to great lengths to even get their home page in the pages widget.



    I was fortunate to find out how to do that on here. :)

    Perhaps the main page order cannot be changed and the page not edited.

    Why? Because. But it’s okay, as the other pages are in order.

    Thanks for all replies.


    @johnlvs2run: If you made that page have a link as its title, then of course you can’t get to the editor – you get to where the title links to. If you want to edit that page, you must delete it and create it anew.




    That answers that then. Thanks for all the replies. :)

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