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    I would love to figure out how to change the sort of my posts. There are instances where it is better to have most recent on top. But I would like to change it on some pages to ALPHABETICAL ORDER.





    Just to be clear please note that Pages and posts are completely different

    Pages sit outside the blog structure and cannot be assigned to categories. They are meant to be used for static content and do not automatically update. Only one running posts page will automatically update on a blog. This is usually the “home” or “blog” page but it can be changed here -> Options -> Reading.

    Pages are displayed on most themes in alphabetical order. On a couple of themes like Regulus you can change the page order by use of number ordering.

    You can change the order of pages but not posts on all themes this way

    The only way you can change the order of posts is to change the timestamps.



    I’ve been extremely frustrated that everyone proposes workarounds to the problem of not being able to change sort order of blog posts. Imagine if a real database could not be sorted as desired? In the current case, there are so many requests for people wanting to simply sort a blog by date ascending rather than descending, that it’s mind-boggling that the blog “vendors” haven’t provided this. I hate to be frothing at the mouth so much about it, but it’s as though all the car manufacturers made cars that could only turn left, and I’ve seen numerous cases of people going through extreme gyrations to get a right-turn out of a left-turning car. Why not just make a car that can turn left ~and~ right?



    see below


    Member is a hosting service that in my opinion, tries to accommodate the masses on blogging. Since most readers of blogs want to see the most recent items on a blog when they visit, hence the ordering of posts this way. There are many workarounds with code to change the ordering to whatever you want on the version of wordpress that is downloaded from and hosted elsewhere, but on this hosted service, it is not something we can change.

    You are right that should be easily changed and can on other installations, but not here! Sorry about that!




    I disagree entirely with your point of view and with the angle from which you are coming. The majority of people here are bloggers. They are using blog themes as blog templates are specifically designed to be used. Blogs are a chronological journal of frequently updated materials with the most recent entry on top.

    A teeny tiny minority come here and expect to be able to mutate a blog so it becomes a webiste with dynamic pages and reverse content ordering. These people will never be satisfied with technology because we operate on a multi-user blogging platform that has limitations.

    “… I hate frothing at the mouth …”

    Well the good news is you don’t have to. Rather than being unhappy with the limitations of wpMU (multiuser) technology that does not “fit” your needs there is another wordpress alternative that will suit.

    Yes! You can hire a blog host download the free software from and hack it to suit your needs.

    And I do know whereof I speak because I have a install of my own so I’m clear on how inexpensive good hosting is. I pay $25 per year and that’s less than one cup of fancy coffee per month.

    I encourage you to go for it- make the happiness choice!

    P.S. Another work around



    And once you get set up with independent hosting you can easily write the new php mysql query to return the data you need in the way that you want. :)



    I think we can assume that animated gifs do not work as avatars :(



    Animated gifs and any images with transparencies do not work as avatars. But it seems you may have posted this into the wrong thread because this one is about sorting pages. :)



    Yes ma’am.



    I found the 3 avatar threads and updated them. Thanks :)
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