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Sorting Posts to Pages

  1. Hi! I am a newbie in blogging.
    I've created some pages in my site and now i want to organize my posts by sorting them to those pages.
    My problem is i can't find an easy way to do this.
    I read and researched about my problem but the solutions I've encountered seem to technical for a beginner like me.
    I understand that there will be some sort of 'coding" involved.. i would appreciate is someone will teach me a step-by-step solution.

    Thank you in advance!

    My blog:
    My theme: Fresh and Clean by AJ Clarke

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't use pages, you use post categories, and you replace the top menu of the theme with a custom menu that includes those categories. See here:

  3. I don't know if this is the right section for this but here's my question (Feel free to regulate me to whoever WILL

  4. @uitori
    This thread is about the differences between papges and posts and how to create a cutom menu. If you question is on topic then post it here. If it isn't please click this link and start your own thread >

  5. ^??yeah feel free to direct me to whoever will help.
    I created this kind of menu to sort my posts but now they aren't appearing in the right categories despite checking them to their categories. My blog is below. The videos you see on the Press Page should be in the Videos category.

  6. There are many common errors, misunderstanding and misconceptions when creating custom menus and you can read about them here >

  7. Thanks

  8. You're welcome.

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