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Sorting Themes

  1. scratchesonlinen

    Every so often I go into the theme showcase to see if there's another theme I want to try. I always sort the themes alphabetically so I can keep track where I'm at in the process. Tonight, however, when I did it, there was no way to sort alphabetically. All I see is "Trending," "Popular," and "Newest" and those are not in alphabetical order either. Am I missing something? Is this something new? My site is Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, they hid that option long ago (for reasons only they understand).
    You can click one of the other options then change the last part of the URL to "alpha" and hit return:

  3. scratchesonlinen

    It hasn't been too long because within the last couple of months I've been able to check them out that way. When following the link you provided there's no way to preview of my blog with a prospective theme. Is there a way to do that as well? Thank you.

  4. scratchesonlinen

    Timethief, thank you for your response although I'm not sure I understand. I can look at the available themes following the links but what I want to do is view all available themes in alphabetical order and do a live preview of my blog those that interest me. Thank you.

  5. Browsing alphabetically is not an option. You can however search for specific blogs by name, or go to to refine search parameters further.

  6. Browsing alphabetically is not an option.

    Oh really? read my previous reply above.

  7. Justpi's workaround works but it does not result in the preview function that the blogger is requesting. It produces only two link options to click:
    Use this theme
    Live Demo

  8. Huh? displays all themes in alphabetical order.

  9. Yes and when I hover over any theme there I see two links:
    Use this theme
    Live Demo

    The display of "Activate" and "Preview" links is not happening for me. I'm using Firefox 26 on a new PC running Windows 7.

  10. Why would you remove the MOST common search parameter?

  11. You can access it via justpi's link, but it's true, the option is not available in the Dashboard view.

  12. Thanks for the tip, @justpi
    You're the master of the universe! :)

  13. @G: You're welcome!

    @TT: sort/alpha gives you the exact same options as clicking on "Trending", "Newest" etc does. "Activate" and "Preview" show in Appearance > Themes, not in the Theme Showcase site.

    @R: The option is most obviously there, but they used CSS editing to remove the "A-Z" item that would normally show between "Trending" and "Newest". As you already know, WP works in mysterious ways...

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