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  1. I suddenly found that some one added lots of stuff on the botton of my blog.
    how can I stop them doing that?

  2. Please report this immediately to support via a feedback, including all details. As you are the only one who knows what has been added.

  3. Here's what you do.

    change your password. NOW.

    Then clean your blog up.

  4. Thanks Mark.

  5. That seems like a feed that is not being parsed properly on your side bar... I could be mistaken though.

    Look on your sidebar. It seems you didn't close your <a> tag properly. I can see the target="_blank" property right under your book picture. That's messing up your blog.

  6. To: devblog;
    yes, you are right. I will change it later . but the problem is I can't see my side bar because of the long content added by others.

  7. Really appreciate your help. I changed my password. But I don't know how to clean up my blog to delete those content. When I adit the page, it seems no adding coding show up.
    What should I do. I will also send feedback to wordpress.

    Any suggestions! Thanks again

  8. Use copy/paste to copy the bits you need, then go to the dashboard and delete the entire page, and make a new one. Simplest solution.

  9. That's what I'm saying. If you fix that then the problem should be solved. The <a> tag is on your sidebar and because that tag hasn't been closed properly is messing up the feeds below.

    The feeds come from and by reading her blog, I don't think she's into cracking.

  10. The copy/paste won't do anything since the problem is on the sidebar; it's spanning throughout the blog.

    dmguru, fix the link, just give it a try.

  11. sorry about that, i didn't include the closing tag in my answer here:

    <a title="Optimal Database Marketing" href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Optimal Database Marketing" src=""/></a>

    is how it should look.

    as devblog said, once you fix that, the RSS widget will stop throwing up CDATA errors all over your page

  12. Thank you for your coding. I copied it. But other's content is still there.

    Thanks again!

  13. just do what we said, copy and paste the stuff you want keeping, then delete the page and make a new one. problem solved

  14. Again, copy and pasting won't solve anything. the problem is on the sidebar and is spanning throughout the blog.

    dmguru, are you using the RSS1 widget?

  15. I delete home page and make a new one. Content still there.

  16. he said he fixed the coding, so after that all that left is to delete the page which has been edited and start again.

  17. yes, devblog, you are right. I just drag RSS widget out of my sidebar. It's clear on my blog.
    but I still want to put RSS in. I didn't use RSS1 widget, I just use the text widget and copy some coding from others' posts.

    Really appreciate all you help, guys!

  18. Glad it worked. If you want to put some RSS, I'd suggest you to use the RSS(n) widgets instead of text widgets, that way, wp will parse the feeds appropriately.

    To add more RSS widgets, in your widgets page, scroll down and under "RSS Feed Widgets", you can add up to 9. All you'll need to do is to put the correct URL in the RSS field and voila.

  19. To sunburntkamel ,
    I used the coding, but my book pic can't show up! when you click, amazon page can be opened up in a new window.
    What should I do?

  20. I hope SBK won't mind if I answer your question:

    By looking at your code:

    <a target='_blank' href='' title='Optimal Database Marketing'>
    <img alt='Optimal Database Marketing' />

    It seems you forgot to include the path to the image file. The img tag only has the alt attribute.

    What's the URL to the image you wanna include?

    so where should I add them in the code? Thanks! devblog

  22. Why are there two dmguru accounts on this thread?

  23. what do you mean nosysnoop?

  24. The avatar of the person who started this thread is a picture of a flower. Yours is a picture of a guy.

  25. I changed my pic today. I used to use a pic of guy. Didn't change??????

  26. Ad the path in the img tag, Just like the example SBK gave you above.

    Your img tag should look like this:

    <img alt="Optimal Database Marketing" src="" />

    Right now it looks like this:

    <img alt='Optimal Database Marketing' />


  27. That's weird. It just changed now. It's a flower now.

  28. Done!!!!
    Thank you so much@!!!

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