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Sound file upload

  1. I've posted this question a few months ago, and was advised to use a file sharing system (I use fileden)

    It is ok, but some readers complained that it takes too long to listen to the file, and there are too many ads popping up when you do.

    SInce it's been a while, I am wondering if there's anything new as far as uploading sound files go. I am not interested in long files, music, nothing like that. Those would be 5 second sound files, to explain how to pronounce words in Portuguese.

    Thanks for your advice.... I hope the sun is shinning wherever you are, here it is not. :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ever thought of buying the Space Upgrade? That would allow you to upload sound files to wordpress.

  3. That is not a bad idea.... I guess the 5Gb would be enough for my purposes, right?

  4. @sallybr: Ads? What ads? Can you link to a relevant post (because I don’t see any audio players in your blog)?

  5. oh, this is a question for my current post (in the making, not yet posted).

    I have a few old posts that included sound files, but you had to click on them to be directed to a webpage that then played the sound file (but again, with pop-ups of all sorts of ads)

    sorry, I should have been more specific. I think for this post I'll indeed buy the extra space so I can upload the sound file myself. If I understand it correctly, it will cost 20 bucks for the whole year. Not too bad.

  6. Maybe you just need to find another file host that doesn't have so many ads.

  7. @raincoaster, maybe you have site suggestions. The only file host I've found still operating that allows direct hotlinking is fileden. the other ones I've seen have pretty much folded up.

    I would guess that sallybr would prefer hotlinking the mp3s to wordpress' built-in player or get the wordpress space upgrade, since you don't really want people clicking out of your blog to another site to listen to the mp3.

  8. I've always used Odeo, but it's really spotty and they disabled uploading for new accounts for awhile there. I have also used, although that's only suitable for copyright-free material. And I have heard that people have used Google web, although I'm not sure that works still. Google has changed so many things lately.

  9. @sallybr:

    “you had to click on them to be directed to a webpage that then played the sound file”

    That’s what I suspected when I read your initial post. The whole reason why we suggest Fileden is that with Fileden you can avoid being directed to another webpage (as arcadata says). After you upload an mp3 there, you select direct URL, copy that URL, and use it with the following shortcode (in the html post editor):

    [audio URL_HERE]



    This way you get the wp audio player in the post – no new webpage, no ads.

    As for your other question, 5GB is huge: if you’re talking about 5-second mp3s, 5GB is room enough for several thousands of them.

  10. @ panaghiotisadam

    I see! I guess I was not doing it right. If I can overcome the jumping to another site, that is more than enough for me

    glad I checked the thread again... :-)

  11. You could set up a free Google Sites site. It has a file storage facility where you could upload your mp3s to and then just link to them on you WP blog as it says in the support pages.

    Free Sites come with a 100mb storage limit but there is currently no limit to the number of Sites you can set up.

  12. Well, it did not work. I cannot change the format from wav to mp3 for some reason, and when I try to post into the site as URL - it sits on the "buffering" stage forever

    I might have to try this google site thing, or else buy the extra space.

  13. And the above method works because I have just tried it.

  14. Oops, I should have refreshed before I posted. I meant my above comment (I'm always thinking of me!).

  15. I know has audio file upload capabilities and has a public sharing option using links. I don't know how bad the ads would be on a free subscription.

  16. @sallybr, the only way to play a WAV file on wordpress is via the space upgrade. If you are hotlinking, it has to be an MP3 file.

  17. Well, arcadata... I managed to change the format from wav to mp3 (feels like I ran a marathon barefoot) -

    still not working... it just sits there in the buffering stage.

    I'll give up for now, and probably get the space upgrade later today. Frustrating stuff this blogging thing :-)

  18. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I looked at what I pasted after AUDIO, and there were two series of http:// one after the other. I took a deep breath and deleted the first one, linking straight to the second, that had my file number

    that did it....

    wow, for someone with my skills on HTML, this was more than lucky!

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