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    I’ve pasted into a post HTML editor code generated by the Share button for my audio clip on soundcloud. The player is displayed but it does not react to mouse clicks, does not play or link to the track.
    Is there something I’m doing wrong? Tried with and without customization, same resultsפרסום-ברדיו-לאיגוד-האתלטיקה-הקלה-של-יש/#respond

    The blog I need help with is


    In testing I’ve seen this a lot with soundcloud. On my test blog where I have several soundcloud embeds about half the time they don’t even show up and there is just a gaping blank spot where the player should be. Sometimes it will be that way for a week or more and then as if by magic it shows back up. I can go to soundcloud and find the selection and play it there just fine, but not on the test blog.

    Not sure if this is an issue with soundcloud or with wordpress.


    By the way, both of the soundcloud players on that page work just fine for me.



    Indeed I remember the players working on previous posts I created, but could not be sure once today I found out they are all completely out of order. At least I am not hallucinating.
    which OS and browser they worked for you just now?
    I tried Opera, Safari and FF on OS X – none could activate / play the embedded player

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