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soundcloud on WordPress not working

  1. Anyone else experiencing issues with the soundcloud player not showing up on their blogs? They have all disappeared from the posted blogs on all of my stories this afternoon and I am not sure if this is something going on with Soundcloud or with wordpress.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Soundcloud recently came out with a new format for the link in the shortcode. We updated the doc at to cover using the new code.

    I suppose it is possible that Soundcloud discontinued the old format, which would be unfortunate.

    Which blog are you having trouble with?

  3. Hey there,

    I don't think that is the problem because S.C. still has all the old flash player formats available and it was working just fine this morning when I posted my new story.

    I am having trouble on all my stories. Not sure if I should reach out to Soundcloud, although I think this is a wordpress issue because S.C. typically has an error message when they go down....which is a lot. :P


  4. Can you give me a link to two of the posts which should have a Soundcloud player appearing?

  5. Hey Macmanx

    Here is one:

    and here is another:

    You can see that the player outline is there if you toggle the mouse over it and the html code is right in the inside of the post.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas.



  6. They all seem to be working just fine. Do you have Flash installed?

  7. hmmm I will check into that link. I have never had problems before but if you are seeing the songs and I am not, sounds like it's my issue.



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